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The White House

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Days Fly By

Friday I was supposed to run some errands. It ended up being a day for Emily to get her nails done. She decided on French tips which turned out to not only be more expensive, but took twice as long. 

The sunsets are finally high enough in the sky and long enough that I can see them.

Dinner... I love cooking big meals for my husband and we've had a few good ones this week, but this is the only photo I remember to take. I've never done grilled cabbage, but it was so good!

After dinner a friend dropped her son off for the night. She was called in to fly the next day and had no one to take her son. Her husband is out-of-town with an ailing parent. I kicked them outside for most of the day. I had been watching YouTube videos to learn how to mud and tape. My nephew caught wind of that and showed up to teach me (he does remodeling for a living). He spent 9 hours here that day! I ended up dropping Emily off at her soccer game to get back and help him (Elijah brought her home for me). Of course, she scored two goals while I wasn't there.

Aidan ended up spending the night again and my nephew came back up Sunday for the day to help me. He brought his daughter and all the kids spent a lot of time outside. The weather was beautiful.

Elijah even took Emily for a ride.

Homer finished cutting the fire ring... it's 4 feet across... and we built a bonfire. He spent the day changing oil and working on snow-go's. 

Olivia and I sat by the fire long after everyone else went inside. Aidan stayed again because his mom had to fly really early. I drove all the kids to school Monday morning.

Monday was not such an exciting day as I spent it cleaning. Managed get rid of an entire pick-up load of junk we have, but just don't need.  No photos to show for it, though. Olivia and Lucas had Ski Club after school. I brought Aidan home again and then he was picked up late that evening to give me a little break. 

Tuesday morning I went with Olivia on a field trip to the UAF museum. They had some instruction in the classroom. 


Then a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Followed by story time and then more time in the classroom drawing animal tracks.

This was the view from the hill that day. Clouds rolling in and as it turns out we got about an inch of snow last night.

I even rode the bus!

After the field trip I had a couple hours to get my things together for Cub Scouts. I took my nine boys on a walk looking for birds.

After the last Scout was picked up it was a mad dash to Lucas' basketball game way on the other side of town. We got there with 5 minutes to spare. He plays so hard the entire time. I am really going to miss it when the season is over (only one more game). 

I dropped Aidan at his house and got home with a couple hours to spare before bedtime. I feel kind of badly as he has to get up so early to go to daycare before school, but it's hard on my kids' routine having a guest on school nights. Today is Ski Club again and Aidan will be back over until his mom is done flying around 7. I think she said his dad might be back in a few days, but really after so many years of raising so many kids having one more isn't too noticeable. 

Lots of homeschooling work to do today plus more cleaning projects that I could ever accomplish. I'm still in need of the 30-hour day, less to do and an attitude adjustment. 


Anonymous said...

So happy you're back. You are such an inspiration to me!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG that was a hectic few days. LOVE that fire ring!

anymommy said...

Posts! Yay! I can't believe I missed your big comeback. It's so good to see your crazy life again.

Janie said...

You must be enjoying more sun and a little more warmth. Our snow is gone, except at high altitudes.
The sunset photo is lovely.

Here I Am Carrie said...

Whew. You just made me so tired, but I have to say that sunny winter day with the kids all play outside was so wonderful ended with the bon fire. That's what I miss so much when we go south.