The White House

The White House

Monday, September 29, 2014


Friday night I went with three of my Girl Scouts to the Go Nuts Fall Product Sale Rally. They colored avatars. 

Played games, did crafts and sampled the products.

Then Saturday morning I drove 70 miles to Lost Lake Camp with Lucas and another Scout from our Den. It was a brisk 21* to start the day off at the archery station.

The next station was team building.

Followed by first aid instruction.

After lunch it was the Polar Plunge. At this time the sun came out and it was about 40*. My den went down prior and made three fires in the burning barrels to make sure everyone could warm up. This was Lucas' third year participating and he went completely under.

Our next stop was arts and crafts.

Then they learned about the flags, folding both the American flag and the Alaska flag.

We then went to the cooking station to roast cinnamon rolls.

Our last station of the day was BB Shooting. We had to wait in line for an hour leaving me to entertain our group.

Scouts were fed dinner before dismissal.

The last gathering of the day was the retiring of the flags before our long drive home. Up at 7:00 am and home at 9:30 pm made for a long day.

Yesterday I watched a lot of football and finished mowing the ditch. It was so long I had to mow without a bagger and then rake it into piles. I was out there in the last twilight finishing. The forecast called for snow at 2:00 am so I knew I wouldn't be able to mow today. They were right. We now have a skiff of snow, but my understanding is that it's supposed to rain so it won't stick, but there's no more mowing. I still have a lot to do outside (drain the pond, shut down the greenhouse, etc.) and I'm really ready to go into hibernation mode in the house. Will attempt to drag myself out there today to get it done.
(Jean... the grinder is industrial grade that is a prime example of military waste - it's shocking what is thrown into the junkyard).

Friday, September 26, 2014

Busy As Usual

We had some snowfall here on the Ridge. It all melted, but for a moment I embraced the quiet and sound of fresh snow falling. I vow to not complain as much even when the cold hurts my bones.

I still have so much work to do outside. These beds were mostly cleaned today, but I still have plenty of work to do.

I've been harvesting carrots, cleaning, blanching and packing for stew. Made the first stew dinner with fresh moose last night. It was the best.

Pansies are hardy. The 20* nights haven't taken them out.

Frosty grass in the morning. Heart surround my babies in their new hats sent to them from their Auntie Michele.

Lucas has started basketball. Twice this week. He'll go to two games and a practice per week. Olivia swims twice a week. Emily has high school football cheer everyday after school, two competitive cheer practices per week plus two tumbling sessions. Olivia is also in band and practices her flute. Emily will start soccer soon. Elijah got a job 20 miles away that I drive him to. I spend 3-4 hours a day in the drivers seat.

Today's harvest of red, orange and white carrots.

I've been to several training sessions to be a Girl Scout leader. I've sure got a lot on my plate, but every one of our kids deserves the same opportunities (even if I'm getting older and more tired).

Tomorrow night is a Girl Scout event and all day Saturday I'll be at a Scout Camp (about 70 miles away) with Lucas. Sunday is reserved for getting the last of my out door chores done as Monday calls for rain. I'm tired and looking forward to taking a day off. Not sure when that will be, but it will be spent sleeping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Processing Moose

Kim asked about how we process the moose so I'll share a quick run down.

The moose was shot 200 road miles then quite some distance into the woods from here near my hometown of Tok by my brother Larry on the morning of the 17th. On the 18th he brought it to Fairbanks and by afternoon it was hanging in a tent. 

Here's the tent (with a leg bone outside to catch the interest of any stray dogs so they don't go inside to the good stuff). We did get a stray dog, too. It didn't go after the bone. It didn't go after the meat. It tore open a bag of trash we sat out at 2:00 am. Woke us at 6:00 am. Damn trash dogs!

 On the 20th my niece, her daughter, my two daughters, Homer and I started processing. Homer worked out in the tent taking the meat off the bone.

He brought it in for us ladies to clean (few miscellaneous hairs, trimming fat, etc.). Beer is good while cutting. ;)

We have our own grinder for making burger.

Some of the moose fat was added, but we grind it pretty lean. Last year we didn't even add fat.

Here are the antlers. Nice, but it was a small bull.

The meat is wrapped in saran wrap then butcher paper. Labelled and into the freezer it goes. This is what we have so far....

155.5 lbs. burger
94.2 lbs. of steak
23.7 lbs. of roast
12.2 lbs. meat
8.6 lbs. brisket
69.8 lbs. ribs 
11.0 lbs. tenderloin
11.4 lbs. back strap
23.2 lbs. hump

409.6 pounds of meat in the freezer plus we still have two pieces left to process (and my brother took two sections with him for burger and sausage). We didn't get to it last night as my truck broke down leaving me sitting on the side of the road. By the time we were done towing it home it was too late to get into that kind of mess. 

The temperature is 20* at night and 38* right now at 11:00 am. The meat gets a skin as it hangs and will be fine for quite some time. Hopefully we can get to it after Lucas' first basketball practice tonight. 

Oh... and my hero fixed my truck this morning. The cam sensor went out. Such a benefit being married to a mechanic. 

The forecast called for 2 inches of snow last night. It isn't here yet, but I am sure it's coming. I was trying to do one last mow of my very long grass, but ran out of gas. I broke down on my way to get gas. Figures. Heading to get some now and hope it doesn't start snowing until I am done!

***my 1400th post in 7 years***

Saturday, September 20, 2014

They Promised Rain

After school Wednesday Lucas was my little helper in the yard. After the wettest summer in 100 years we had an incredibly hot September. That all stopped today. 

The garden that wasn't much needs cleaned out. I have carrots and onions to harvest and then the rest is just weeds in beds that didn't amount to anything. After this photo I got half way through it.

Every morning I take a photo of the kids together.

Thursday I ran to the feed story. It seems that everything runs out at the same time. I stopped by Creamer's Field and located a Geocache. I wish I didn't have so much to do as it would have been a beautiful day to walk the trails. There are crane out in the field, but I only had my phone with me.

My brother Larry had a successful moose hunt this year and shared his harvest with my family. It's hard to tell in the photo, but there are six  bags of meat to process. He took the two front quarters home to make sausage and burger. This will be many hours of work, but I am so thankful as my freezer will be full again. To purchase pork or beef at the store runs about $20 per dinner for my family (chicken $5-$10). This will provide meat for a year at the cost of the paper to wrap it in.

He gave Lucas rides around the yard in his ranger.

We spent a couple hours by the fire. Our niece, nephew and their kids were able to come up to visit.

Lucas had a friend spend the night last night so not a peep out of him. Olivia played games with her dad (who just got home yesterday from ten days working in Prudhoe). I was a cab driver. Emily had choreography from 3-5:30 and then ran her over to the high school football game from 6-9. She was unable to cheer as her arm still hurts too much so did not stay. When she cheers I watch her just as I watched Elijah make touchdowns. :) She sat at the table selling calendars for their fundraiser with another cheerleader who is on crutches. This photo is at the end of the game  - cool and drizzling.

Here's Emily and Lucas from the 3rd post I made when starting this blog in June of 2007. Where has the time gone? This makes me kind of sad. Lucas would be 13 months and Emily almost 8 in this photo.

This morning it is gray and raining. I tried to coax my kids to help me button up the yard for winter when it was nice. No dice. Now I will make them help and now it will be in the 40* rain. No fun at all. Yesterday I spent 3.5 hours behind the wheel of my truck running kids here and there for activities. Emily had to be at the gym at 8 am for the second day of choreography. I will spend another 3.5 hours behind the wheel again. That sure is a lot of wasted time. I've got to get the Spanish language course we have loaded on to my cellphone so I can make better use of that time.