The White House

The White House

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's Back Up

 I completely jumped the gun with the post about the hogs, Blake and Miranda. They were driven down Monday the 16th... but there was fun times before that you missed. :)

Valentine's Day was a busy one .... with kids! We started off with Emily's soccer team photos. The coach was out-of-town (I was the fill-in, but didn't want to be in the photo). Emily and Peter were the only one's to show so I had them take a fun photo. Can't wait to get them back in the mail. 

Afterwards I took the "team" to breakfast. Tried a bagel shop I'd never been to. Fantastic! and the prices were more than reasonable. I had a jalapeno cream cheese, ham and pepper wrap.

After breakfast was Emily's game. She's not afraid to go up against the guys.

Then we were off to Lucas' team photo followed by his game.

After lunch I grabbed the boys and we all went over to load spent grains from a distillery that we feed the hogs and chickens. The road was ridiculously steep and I couldn't help, but Emily did. Both boys were hung over so they did a lot of grumbling, but it got done. 

Next up Emily and I went down to a friend's house and did her make-up. They had Valentine's plans... dinner, comedian and 80's Prom. Sounded like a good time, but instead Homer and took 3 kids to the UAF Nannok hockey game.

My iPhone is 3 years old and is now taking foggy, blurry photos. :(

This goalie was on the opposing team from Minnesota and is currently the number one goalie in the Nation. He is a locally raised and our boys once played on teams with him. Just an outstanding young man.

Was Sunday a day of rest? Almost. The Girl Scout Council was having a session of Glo Yoga so I picked up some of the girls and worked the sign-in table.
 Olivia is in purple.

Now you already know Monday was the big drive with hogs. Rest on Tuesday? Nope. It was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. I was supposed to do the awards, but then ended up doing pretty much everything. The girls and I made all the decorations at home.

There were the 12 core values put on all the tables.

Little jars with the Promise and on the other side a place marker assigning tables to Dens.

Big vases with branches with each of the boys' names hanging down.

This is the Bear ceremony for my Den.

 I was missing one boy who had pink eye. I have 7 this year.

 The ice cream trough!!

 A tradition from way back.

Now... you're caught back up to the hog haulin' :)

Road Trip

I need to make a blogging date so I take time to post in my hectic days. The 16th Emily and I took the hogs to Delta (100 miles away) to be butchered. No one, young or old, really listens to my suggestions around here. All they hear is 'I told you so' after it's all said and done. This was one of those cases. After an hour and 20 minutes of wrestling screaming hogs (it got downright scary a couple of times) we did it my way and had them loaded in ten minutes. Glad to see these two go. They were skittish and just not a lot of fun. That photo is very deceiving as they really aren't letting her pet them. They were just checking for food. 

 They unloaded very easily.

This is the Tanana River on the way home.

This is the same river on the other side of the road. That's the pipeline spanning across.

It was a beautiful, but long drive as the roads were fairly ice and the wind was gusting 45 mph. Glad to have that done for another year.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wacky Tacky Rainbow Cheer

Slacking on blogging is due to slacking on taking photos. It's been crazy busy around here. I can't even begin to catch you up. 

So this is what I'll share... a few photos I stole. :) Emily had  a rainbow practice at the gym. She drew the color yellow so I sewed her a top, bottoms and a skirt. 

♫ Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, ♪
♪ and violet are the colors of the rainbow.♫
♫ Colors are everywhere you can see. ♪
♫ Yeah, colors were made for you and me! ♪

The next day was Wacky Tacky Day. I do not know what she had stuffed in her shirt, but she looks horrible. 

And this is with her other team. I love that they are having fun. They sure do work so hard.

Well... it's 12:30 in the morning and we have two soccer games tomorrow. Also, two team photos and I have to go haul animal feed. Hopefully I remember to take some photos of our day! It's non-stop running and I've gotten so tired I don't even carry my camera.That has to change!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Ball

Saturday was an insanely busy day that started after a late night of hemming a dress. We started with Emily's 9:00 AM soccer game followed by shopping for a birthday gift for Olivia to take to a sleepover party. Next up was Lucas' soccer game at 1:00. Back at home I did an amateur photo shoot of Emily in her gown for the Senior Ball. (Her ex-boyfriend is a Senior and since they already had tickets they went together). At one point Emily and I were racing in the truck chasing the setting sun. We went a few miles out of town up over the hills to get to a look out over the Tanana Flats and the beautiful mountains. 

The first shots were in our yard. It was -20* and she was freezing. 

The next group is at the pull out.

 (It almost looks like a fake background).

And these are on the way home.

This is the lovely young man, Ryan, who took Emily to the Ball. What an exceptionally kind and gifted kid who will definitely do well in life. I'm really going to miss him. I imagine the next boy will have saggy pants, a crooked hat and I won't let him in the door. The night finally ended at 3:00 AM after post-dance breakfast at Denny's with a busy Super Bowl Sunday the next  morning.