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The White House

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Ball

Saturday was an insanely busy day that started after a late night of hemming a dress. We started with Emily's 9:00 AM soccer game followed by shopping for a birthday gift for Olivia to take to a sleepover party. Next up was Lucas' soccer game at 1:00. Back at home I did an amateur photo shoot of Emily in her gown for the Senior Ball. (Her ex-boyfriend is a Senior and since they already had tickets they went together). At one point Emily and I were racing in the truck chasing the setting sun. We went a few miles out of town up over the hills to get to a look out over the Tanana Flats and the beautiful mountains. 

The first shots were in our yard. It was -20* and she was freezing. 

The next group is at the pull out.

 (It almost looks like a fake background).

And these are on the way home.

This is the lovely young man, Ryan, who took Emily to the Ball. What an exceptionally kind and gifted kid who will definitely do well in life. I'm really going to miss him. I imagine the next boy will have saggy pants, a crooked hat and I won't let him in the door. The night finally ended at 3:00 AM after post-dance breakfast at Denny's with a busy Super Bowl Sunday the next  morning. 


Nancy J said...

Gayle, you are the Mum in a million, and your photos are the most stunning ever. The one in the road on the way home, please print and frame, this is breath-taking. Olivia, wait till you are in a ball gown, hope we are still blogging then, Lucas, keep up all the good work, and Emily, words fail me, stunning gown, beautiful hair, smile, and your gorgeous man, and so brave to be in that cold air, I smiled at the words telling me where the photo shoots took place, a medal for you all, Hugs to you Gayle, from Jean.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh. Emily has grown up a lot in the last year or so. She is a really lovely young woman and her gown is beautiful.

You did great capturing the beauty of Emily and the night.


gpc said...

She is so beautiful, and it sounds like her beauty isn't only skin deep. Here all the little ones are in love with the movie "Frozen," Emily makes the perfect Frozen princess in that dress and with that background. Stunning!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You missed your calling as a photographer and Emily is model material. GORGEOUS photos! I love everything about them.

PS... I have you to blame for making me burn my chili cooking on the stove. I was so busy showing my daughter your pictures that I forgot about it cooking. LOL.

Lori Skoog said...

These pictures are off the charts FANTASTIC! Such a beautiful girl.

Arizaphale said...

OH wow wow wow. These phtos look like a shoot from 'Frozen'. How spectacular! (not just blowing sunshine here)....You and Emily will look back on these photos and remember what it was like to be yourselves at just this moment in time.
The one on the road on the way back with her back to the camera....also my favorite (although not the memory shot)...catches that moment perfectly. As for boyfriends....cultivate the nice guys I say. One day she may turn aroudn and go..."oh! You. You're actually pretty cool!"...wish that had happened to me....

Stephen Andrew said...

What gorgeous photos! My favorite is the one in the street! It looks like Frozen! Absolutely beautiful.