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The White House

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wish My Husband Had Two Days A Week Off

*note for Kim.... I loaded/inserted the photos one at a time. Annoying, but far less time consuming than trying to rearrange the way I intended to tell my story. 

For the Humble Wife... here is my first and only tattoo. Is says "Homer" on my wedding ring finger. The band on my ring broke early in the summer and I hadn't gotten it fixed. (Still haven't). It felt really wrong to not wear it. I was down in Anchorage for a football game with Elijah. I ended up getting my husband's name done as a birthday gift to him. He was speechless and loved it. Goodness... my hands are so old. 

Olivia wants to do a science fair project. It's not required, but who am I to squash her enthusiasm? She's going to build a maze for her rat Andrea to see if she learns and gets faster with each try. Today she worked on the design.

It didn't take long to figure out the table wasn't big enough. She really wanted to take the maze in, but projects can only be 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. The height limit is 6 feet so she may redesign so that the maze can stand up on the table. Or she may just take photos. What I do know is that it has to be turned in next Monday so we'd better get cracking. 

I asked my husband to build me a puppet theater for our show at Scouts Tuesday. My husband never does anything half-assed. 

Olivia and I were off to town to find fabric for the curtains. Armed with 50% off coupons we found some velvet-looking material at a decent price. We sent photos home. 

Homer decided the dark red is this photo would be best. It gives the movie theater effect. Of course, they had a limited supply. I bought what they had and the curtains will be stretched tighter than I'd like. When they get more in I will get another 6.5 yards to make some really good waves. The fabric came to $22 dollars and I'm not sure what the wood cost, but I will store this for future use over the next 3 years of Scouts. I will also make it available to the other Dens if they want to put on a show at the Pack meetings. I'm sure Olivia and Lucas could have some fun with it at home, too. Tomorrow I need put it together because the Blue & Gold is Tuesday!

After building the theater my husband went to hanging sheet rock. He almost got the last wall done (see the strip at the top that isn't finished?) Elijah came home and he stopped to work on his car. He needed a device put on the battery so when he plugs it in in the cold weather (oil pan heater) it will also be charging the battery as it keeps going dead on him. Then they cut the muffler for a new glass one that he got for $1 off Craigslist, but didn't have everything they needed so he'll be a straight pipe for a day. 

I'm glad there was a little more progress on the house. All those little life things seem to slow us down. Oh, and I cut a bunch of mats off Sophie until she wouldn't let me anymore. Not sure how she got so tangled. Tomorrow I'll finish shaving her and give her a bath. She's a tad ugly shaved compared to being fluffy, but she is so much cleaner and happier.

Can you believe it... I haven't ordered my seeds yet! I haven't even planned my garden beds. I've had all winter and I am such a procrastinator that I'm a week away from starting Geraniums and am not prepared in the least. No seeds and I can't even get in the grow room as it became storage. Again. *sigh* Once I get past Tuesday I'll dive into it head on.


Nancy J said...

Can I tell you, again, I'm so happy to read all your family news, it really brightens my day so much. A rat maze, well I never. Homer, you are a treat to make that, and wonderful iPhone photos, I guess, choose the curtain colour just like that. Cheers to all at TWH, and Gayle, I know you'll get those seeds planted sometime. Cheers, Jean.

Humble wife said...

I love your budding scientist and her plans for the maze! My sister had a rat named Nicodemous that she rescued when she was in the sixth grade from the 8th grade science class. I was in the second grade and shared a room with Liz and Niccodemous. I can tell you, I often wished she hadn't rescued him as he was the noisiest thing ever.

Stephen Andrew said...

Olivia is such a bright girl and I'm not surprised in the slightest that she would opt for the science fair with such a great experiment. She really is so much like you with her love for animals and gardening!

Here I Am Carrie said...

What a whirl wind still going on at your place. But I love the tattoo. I grew out of my tiny little wedding band and just never replaced it. I love the idea of the tattoo. I am so going to do something like that.