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The White House

Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Is Where I've Been

Okay... one of my truly huge beefs with blogger is when the photos don't upload in the order I input them. I have horribly slow Internet and when I try to rearrange the photos chaos ensues. This may be what drove me away in the first place.

And to answer "where have you  been". Busy. I am like anyone... aches and pains, ailments, etc. I chose to ignore them while others whine. I am the "yes man" when it comes to volunteering while the same people sit on the sidelines. I home school two kids and have infinite problems with them, me and life that I don't share. If you knew the half of it you would be shocked. But I don't share it all, I move on. And, frankly, I'm tired of the damn whiners. (See that's what you get on Facebook... ). 

Sharing a photo of limited progress. Oh for-the-love-of-God could my house be finished? My husband works too much, he's too tired and every year he gets older and slower. This home will always be chaos. This is a photo of my "craft-office-room" taken from Emily's to-be room through her "wall" that isn't there yet. My room has three walls and a new ceiling. Waiting on the 4th wall so I can mud, tape and paint. 

I was asked for snow photos. There is the pond. Buried. 

 The walk out to the morning bus for Olivia and Lucas. Done in pitch blackness most of the year since the light has never been hung. Yes, I dug the ditch for the cable. He hasn't hooked it up. It's been 3+ years. *sigh*

Goodness. All the rocks I've packed and the work that is under all that snow. :)

A shot of the setting sun from the deck. Emily and I need to shovel. We've done a pretty decent job keeping up this winter, but there is a two-inch layer of ice on the deck from all the rain we got this winter. Who would imagine Interior Alaska would get rain at this time of year??

I do all the Cub Scout stuff. Exclusively. Last night I forced Dad to do some things. Homer really is a great guy, but at 51 he has the health and energy of someone 80. He'd nap all day if he could. Wish he had more energy because his heart is there. Anyhow, they made a door stop. Obviously, the manual is from 1950. You should read some of the stuff. 

Lucas had basketball practice at 9:00 am this morning. Left the girls home sleeping. I am so thankful I am not coaching. I do love all the little ones, but it is kind of nice to just be a driver and not do all the work. 

After practice Lucas and I went to Sam's Club to shop. There is hardly anyone there on a Saturday morning. We had a second breakfast at 10:30 of pizza.

Went home and worked on Cub Scout stuff until Emily's 3:00 soccer game which they won 2-1. She loves playing sports so much. Wish she could have started sooner in life. She really would have been a star.

After the game I raced to pick up two kids and get home. Tonight I had my Den over to work on their songs and skit for the Blue and Gold Banquet on Tuesday. Six of the nine showed up. 7-year old boys sure do have  a lot of energy!! Sometimes I think I'm crazy. 

That's it. Going on midnight and I'm exhausted. In the middle of all this I scrubbed floors, did dishes and laundry. I apparently need a 36-hour day! :) Night.


Nancy J said...

Sunshine on the snow, that is a good sign, long days, too much to do, it will get easier one day, maybe not soon enough. Hope you have some of those moose burgers in the freezer, Did I tell you that your zucchini loaf is a real beauty?? I made it, grand-daughter made it, grandson made it,.. while they were here, but I tripled the amounts, and so yummy. I have frozen lots, in 1,2, and 3 cup amounts for later on. The zucchini have grown to marrows, so might try one to see if they are as tasty. Cheers, Jean. p.s. hang in there, with the global warming that threatens the world (and where did that idea come from) maybe a 36 hour day will come too!!!

Tony said...

That lucas is just the cutest thing ever!

Blogger does the same thing to me with uploading pictures and automatically re-orders them into the order that I took them. It drives me crazy because I don't always want to post them in the order they were taken.