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The White House

Friday, April 5, 2013

Here I Go Again....

Thursday night Olivia and Emily colored eggs. (Lucas wasn't interested). 

Homer also helped the kids make outfits for Duct Tape Day at school.

Lucas was stylin' in his hat and pouch.

She was mad at me for some reason and didn't want to take her photo.

That night was the end-of-season party for the basketball team. A parent filled in for me at the last game because I had Cub Scouts. He proceeded to pass out the medals so I had nothing for the party. It ended up costing me a small fortune for "party bags" and a cake. I printed certificates and a photo for each player as well. Two were on vacation and two didn't show. I did not enjoy myself, but everyone else did (can you say generation gap.... chatting with women 31 who are first time parents and I am a last time parent at 45...well, it's boring.. my husband could be their dad!).

Saturday morning was the last soccer game. I loved this team... they were wild boys at practice, but were obviously listening because at the games they did what I asked and got better each game. I'll miss them. 

After soccer we ran home to eat and get our stuff. I then picked up two boys that are friends of Lucas' who were on the soccer team (and are in his class) and took them with the girls to watch Nick and Elijah snowboard. I'm insane. 

The "Kids Activities" were awful and I won't believe another flyer I read.

They spent a lot of time playing in deep snow. Good thing kids are adaptable.

 The boys entered the Rail Jam in the expert division. Warm-ups went great....

until a boy broke his arm. Everything came to a halt for 45 minutes.

They took that time to go up the hill and ride.

And these kids waited.

 Nick won first place!!

There was an all-ages egg toss that Emily wouldn't do with me. Just so happens my exes new ex was there. I grabbed her as a partner and we won!! Oh the irony of both of Tyler's ex-wives pairing up as champions. Just shows you that we are kind, forgiving people who can work with anyone.... him not so much. We scored a couple March Madness t-shirts and then the announcer from the radio station threw in a couple more!! Awesome! (And I never ever never will let my Emily talk me into glittery green nails again). 

After I ditched the kids it was time to go shopping for Easter. One of the boys I took to the hill was at my house riding snowmachines for the first time and I ran into his mother. It was combat elbow-to-elbow shopping so you know what we did? We sat right down on a display couch in the middle of chaos and visited for an hour until it cleared out.

 Hunting for eggs on Easter morning.... note brother Cody on the couch not wanting to wake up. I sat up with him and Nick until 3am so morning came fast.

Tired kids!!

Tisha and Jadyn came up for a bit and ate ham with us. Andrew was here and Trudy & Nevaeh came late.

Mandy drives Millie nuts grabbing her collar and dragging her around.

Do you use the trampoline in winter?

 Such a beauty.

The boys were doing a lot of riding when something went wrong with our machine. They towed it back and guess what we found? Voles had made a nest inside the engine. All the material and fur of dead bodies clogged it up, things got hot and burnt up the pistons. We just put $450 into it so they could ride and now it's parked again as the snow rapidly melts. I think that's it for this year. Damn mice!! So what did they do? Dug out 4-wheelers and got them running.

They took the old ancient sno-go out and pulled each other in sleds. This great group always manages to have a good time. Wish Sydney was here with her family....


sandy said...

finally spring time and longer days!!! looks like you had a wonderful easter

Holly said...

aah, that last photo is great :) Everyone looks so genuinely happy and smily.
Belated happy Easter wishes to you all.

Arizaphale said...

Awww families! Despite everything, yours get along and have fun together. There's a lot to be said for that. So jealous of the March Madness. I'm hoping to head to the UK in Dec this year so we are planning a ski trip with my sisters. Can't wait. haven't skied in 15 years!!!!! Not sure how the old knees will cope :-)

Nancy J said...

What a wonderful week,smiling, fun in the snow, Easter Eggs.looks like your snow is getting some bare patches, and sunshine.Greetings to all from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I know you're busy, but your family is always having such a good time. Love Nick on the trampoline and Emily outside with no jacket. Such tough kids.

anymommy said...

Your family's ability to get outside and play in the cold and snow and brrrrrr astounds me. Sounds like a great week!

Janie said...

The Easter snowboarding looks like fun. I like the pic of Emily and the last one of the family.

Stephen Andrew said...

Haha that's so funny about sitting on the couch in the store!