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The White House

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where Did Another Week Go?

Blueberry and Pickles.... the other day when I open the cage to feed them Pickles flew out and landed in the turtle aquarium. She thrashed frantically and I was able to save her before her toes were eaten. Silly bird. 

I am so far behind in my planting it's discouraging. Life has me very busy.
 Wednesday was our Survivor night. I wish it was on more than once a week. Thursday night I had MY last soccer practice. There is another one tomorrow night, but Lucas and I have the basketball pizza party so another parent is having it. (Last minute schedules changes are frustrating). Saturday was our last game with all the players as two are going to be gone this weekend for our final game. They played awesome and really used the skills they have been learning in practice.
After the game it was lunch at Fred Meyer and shopping for a present....

 ...for Olivia to take to a swimming party.

While she did that Emily and I got our nails done and Lucas sat on the floor playing Legos.

 Olivia and Lucas got an Easter package from Grandma Claudia. Getting mail is very exciting.

Sunday the kids were over. Elijah doesn't do babies, but I had him hold Nevaeh anyway. His bad luck streak continues. His taillight is mysteriously broken with a small hole in the middle. There are three lights so it was dark in the middle. Homer "helped him out" and replaced the bulb make a bright white spot in the middle. He got pulled over and got a ticket. Figures. Now we have to order a lens for that old car so he can take it in and not have to pay the fine. He got a ticket for not having his license as well because he couldn't find his wallet. He's had more tickets in one year than I have had in my whole life.

Can you see the funny face she is making to her Grandpa?

Lucas playing with Trudy's son Asa. They spent a long time riding snow machines. So did Nick, Cody and Elijah. 

Monday was Ski Club and there was supposed to be a basketball practice. The schedule change was emailed out that morning. I hadn't checked my email that day so we missed it. Not sure if any of the other team went. That night Lucas and Homer made desserts for the Father/Son Bake-Off at Cub Scouts.

Scouts was Tuesday night and Lucas chose to attend and miss his final basketball game. Of course we had all kinds of drama during it. Nick was out riding the snow-go where he really should not have been. He got lost and took the wrong slew that put him on private property of the gold mine that he works for. All of a sudden it came to a dead end. When he tried to turn around he sunk in the water. He couldn't get out so he called for Elijah to help. I told Elijah to put on boots and he did not. He drove to his friend's house who rode him out to where Nick was. They were standing in knee deep water dragging the machine. Finally they got to cold and had to warm up. Some guys working at the mine saw them, followed them and quite rudely told them they couldn't go back to get the machine, the cops were being called and it was going to be impounded. This whole time we are at Scouts calling back and forth. Ug! The guys yelling at Nick didn't realize that he worked for them last year and is again this year so Cody called and talked to them. It turns out it was the president of the company here from Texas. He felt bad for being such a jerk.... Outsiders just don't get our ways (he should have just told Nick he was trespassing, to go and not come back.... not need to call the police).... he finally told Cody to tell Nick to get the machine and not to ride out there again. What an ordeal that could have cost us a lot of money not to mention frozen toes.

Back to the Pack Meeting..... Our principal was one of the judges. There were 26 entries in 4 categories with first and second in each. Lucas entered Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberry Cream Cheese Cobbler (that turned out awful) and Triple Berry Pie. Of the 8 prizes he won two second places. Pretty cool!! We didn't realize presentation was part of the judging otherwise he probably would have won first!

Wednesday we woke up and it was -30* Below. Thankfully it warmed up during the day and they were able to hold the final day of Ski Club. Homer and I went and watched the kids in the obstacle course.

That's Lucas in the middle going up the hill. He doesn't like to use poles.

I'm going to try and get some work done on my planting today. Let's see what happens....


Nancy J said...

Planting, do you have heating in the glasshouse? Olivia, a question for you? Do your glasses get fogged up when you go out in the cold the first thing? Love the ski hat, and baby holding,Elijah, that is one great photo, well done, thought she is way past a baby now. Easter Greetings to you all, in the still very cold North!! Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great photos - what a busy week - whew!

Stephen Andrew said...

Haha you would slap me if you heard me complaining about my 'busy' schedule! Oh Elijah. It's just that time. I seemed to be in nonstop trouble at his age too. Most of it my fault, but some tough breaks tossed in there too. Excited to watch the progress of your huge gardening operation!