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The White House

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Days

I want to blog everyday and somehow I never get to it. I need to organize my life even more to squeak out every second . Right now helping Elijah finish his school takes many hours of each day. I squeeze in the gym (1.5 hours there and 30 driving time). Add my coaching obligations, homework, kids and I am so behind in planting that it's almost pointless. Time to push harder. 

We just crack up at how Millie lays. Always crossing her front feet. She's Emily and Homer's baby. 

Olivia got her ears pierced again the other day. The first time one got seriously infected and we had to let them close. I hope it works out this time as she really wants earrings.

We spent some time at Home Depot getting stuff for the house. Dad's been working on the bedrooms. We lost him so we waited in the patio furniture.

Family night was Mexican Monday. (Andrew was a little late, but made it). Made some new dishes and everyone was full. I got Nevaeh a little chair, bib, cup and baby spoons so she could sit with the family. Grandma needs to get busy spoiling her!

Rusty does really good with baby love.

Homer was showing Lucas some wrestling moves. He'd like to have another wrestler in the family (he did it and so did Cody and Nick for a little bit) but Lucas says he doesn't like it.

Andrew, Trudy and Cody....

Auntie Em loves her little niece..... she's really good with babies.

I'm going to have a hard time when this kid leaves this fall. Emily will, too. Shoot... we all will.

Tuesday was Cub Scouts. That day is always so stressful because I wait until the last minute to make plans. I also don't make it to the gym that day so that makes me cranky. We had a game day plus learned a short skit for the Pack Meeting next week. 

The are playing "Wolf, What Time is it?". It's a game I found on the Internet that is played by children in Australia (or so it said).

Cub Scout day is also basketball game day so I'm very busy. Lucas had a great game and made a lot of baskets. He's gotten really good at dribbling. The kids came to cheer him on except Elijah who went to some drum lessons at church with his friend.

This photo tells the story of how wonderful things have been lately. Some huge stresses have been lifted off their shoulders and they can finally live and love life letting out the big belly laughs. Of course, I know all to well that it will get disrupted again so each night prayers are asked for one more day of freedom and true joy. (I try to find the positive and can't say the harder people try to hurt us the closer we become).  I'll share the story soon.

Until then we are livin' large and waiting for Spring!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Gayle ~ Glad to see good things going on there in your life. May they continue. Where is Nick going in the fall? It's always hard when someone leaves the nest.

Love and hugs to all of you ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Where s Nick going in the fall?

You are spending some killer time at the gym - good for you!

gpc said...

Fingers crossed for lots more good times and lots less stress. :)

Stephen Andrew said...

How wonderful that things are looking up leading to spring! Oh Millie is sooo cute! I wish she and Barbie could play haha get them both tired :)

Mama Bean said...

Nevaeh is getting so big!

Janie said...

What a cute baby! Olivia is looking quite grown up with her pierced ears. The crossed front legs must be a lab thing. Daisy does it, too.

Arizaphale said...

OMG OMG .....YES! We call it 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?" and at the end he shouts DINNERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My BA had a spectacular fall the first time she ever played it and I spent the rest of the Sunday School lesson cuddling her :-)
This is a lovely upbeat post. Life is all mountains and valleys, so glad you up there in the clouds at the moment.That's a great photo of you all in the truck...