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Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm Back

Here I go again... not having a chance to blog in forever! I really dislike that since I live for comments.

I have no idea how the 1st went, but I survived it. Tuesday was Cub Scouts. They boys made family mobiles and blew bubbles outside in the cold. 

Olivia stays and does Scouts with us.

Tomorrow I will try and update my gardening blog. I have a room full and so many things that are weeks behind getting planted. The truth is I am busy over my head with kids and their school work. Helping Elijah finish his high school classes is turning into a nightmare. There are not enough hours in the day. I'm afraid my summer flowers will suffer, but it won't be the first or last time. That's the way it goes when you are raising kids..... your dreams, wishes, wants, etc. are on hold while you fulfill theirs. 

The 4th was the basketball banquet. Quite disappointing. No speeches about the kids. No special awards. Nothing. He passed out some certificates at the beginning while the food got cold and half the parents hadn't gotten there after work. It was disappointing and I'm mad that I wasted the last on my salmon on the potluck. Yes... even when it is still winter, still snow on the ground, still very cold... Alaskans decide that April should mean Spring and we start wearing shorts. Everyone gets sick shortly after that especially mine who also wears tank tops. (It was -20* below this morning)

Friday I went to get my hair done. Last haircut was in California when my mother passed 1.5 years ago.

It's got some funky auburn streaks in it that are supposed to "highlight my face". My daughter did say that I look ten years younger.

The hair cut itself is hardly different which isn't exactly what I wanted. I can't say I'm thrilled and it was a $225 dye/cut. **choke**gasp**. That is probably why I only do this every couple of years. What a mess of curls... yep... they are all mine. Really hard to do anything with that.

Not really remembering last weekend. Em was with friends. The boys were out. I think the two youngest and I hung around the house. Who knows???

Monday was my big weigh-in. Two months ago I foolishly entered a "Biggest Loser" contest. I actually bet $250 I could lose a higher weight percentage that 8 other people. I do not gamble that kind of money because I can't afford to lose it. Well... since I keep my word the last two months have involved very little food and a lot of exercise. Monday was the weigh-in. I walked six miles on the treadmill before going in. THAT is how seriously I took this. I am highly competitive in everything I do. Turns out that I smoked them all. I lost 15% or 29 pounds (once  you do the math you'll be able to figure out just how damn heavy I was). The closest person to me was 6.7%. I rocked it and walked out with $2250 in my pocket that was immediately spent on my kids and bills. Want to know the horrid story behind it let me know and I'll gladly message it. You'll never believe what the HEX has done to his kids now.

Anyhow.... it was awesome to do so good in the challenge. I've relaxed for a few days, but will be tearing it up again at the gym. I fully intend to lose another 40 pounds over the summer.

Olivia has missed a lot of school this week sick, but did manage to get her hair done. I still need an after photo.

Tried to get a shot of this spooky moose across the road, but it ran too much.

Yesterday I got Em from school and we got our nails done. She commented that my hands looked like I'd been sitting in the tub too long. Ahhh, the joys of getting older.

 After getting our nails done we met the rest of the family for dinner. We were celebrating Andrew's 23rd birthday a few days late. (Homer is next to Elijah). All we were missing was Sydney. What an awesome BIG family.

Grandpa Homer sharing his ice cream with baby.

Tonight was the end-of-season soccer pizza party (yes, I am always busy). This was one of the best group of kids and parents that I've ever worked with.

They got an awesome cake and I got a card with gift cards. There were medals for the boys plus I made them certificates and goodie bags. They had fun, but the dinner part was a disaster. It took an hour and 45 minutes to get our pizza. We had to write up our own order, get our own silverware and glasses... it was a mess with two new employees and a manager who never trained them. I even booked three weeks ago. I'll never go back to that Pizza Hut again.
Okay.... I doubt I'll be around much. Three weeks until Elijah's classes have to be done with 10 weeks of work still to do. Our faces will be in the computer until our eyes burn and then I'll plant seeds before going back to the computer.

Say a little prayer or send well wishes or something that the kids don't get hurt. The three oldest no longer have health insurance (I had to pay $225 cash for Elijah's eye appt. today). He got hurt the other day.... stabbed with metal to the bone on his knee. We cleaned it up and wrapped it  because doctor/stitches weren't an option. I hope I can figure out something soon as he is usually at the doctor once a week!

Wow... that was a lot to digest. Go ahead.... glance back and leave me some good comments. LOL :)


sandy said...

you did great with the weight loss challenge !!! yay for you !!! and i love the hair and highlights,,i agree with you,,no insurance is bad bad ,,kentucky has insurance for kids only,,any programs like that in alaska ?? no insurance can cause bankruptcy if something bad happens but it is so expensive !! anything medical is so expensive !!!

Stephen Andrew said...

Hair looks great, and congratulations on the weight loss! Woah...$225. I was trying to decide what makes it more expensive, figure the hair color itself costs more up there than it does down here. Shorts and a tank at -20. Haha people tell me I'm crazy when I wear shorts at 50F! Lol my aunt lives in Bellingham, WA and I remember her telling me once that there was a group of Alaskans who drove down in January and were skinny dipping when it was 40F because it felt so warm to them! Haha you all are hardy stock :)

Nancy J said...

Wow!! Starting at the beginning.. seeds planted, banquet, hairdo( Great!!!, I love those curls!!) The second photo, a pin-up calendar girl for real, weight loss, magnificent also!! Bills paid, more hairdos, nails, Where does the hands in tub come from?? they are truly looking great.birthday party, baby has grown, almost a little girl..Super cake with icing too.And classes to finish!!! We are up to date with your busy, BUSY, life, did you ever get to sleep? And cold, when does spring arrive? do the lights stay on all the time over the seeds as they grow?When do you plant them out? I'll look at your blog for last year and find out. Love to read your news, see the pics of family and all else,Greetings to all from Jean p.s.special wishes for continuing good health for all,most of all for the older ones( guess they don't call themselves old at all),there, my comment is done!!!

Martha said...

I have to say...I love your blog.

I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I've been following you well over a year.

I love how different your life seems in Alaska compaired to mine in Oklahoma....yet so the same.

Mostly I love your brutal honesty. You clearly don't blog to present a fake image of're real. And I love it!

So I vow to comment more often.

So here goes:
1) the shorts are's even too cold here to do that

2) your hair in foil picture is hysterical

3) I wish I had your curls

4) $2,250...holey moley!!!!

5) I totally looked at my hands after I saw your hand picture

6) You are the reason I garden. I'm 37 years old and my grandparents and their parents and their parents, etc were all farmers...yet I've never had a garden. After seeing all your beautiful flowers and produce, I went for it last year. I am an excellent bell pepper, tomato and petunia grower...everything else, not so much

Keep up the good work with you family. Life can seem rough at times but thankfully we only have to live it one day at a time!

Lori Skoog said...

You look terrific! Congracts on the weight really stuck to it.

gpc said...

Super job on the weight/exercise. It's so very hard to do! Your hair looks terrific, worth every Penney. The stuff with the kids, as you well know, will pass. Keep breathing, keep your head above water, grab those good moments with both hands and hold on. :)

Manito Cooperative Preschool said...

Well first, you look fabulous. Congratulations on winning the challenge! Second, how do you do it all? Third, what the heck is going on with the kids and hex? Email me if you ever have time!

Arizaphale said...

1)I am so excited you won that challenge!!!! makes me feel I should get OFF this computer RIGHT now and get down to the gym!!!! 2)Your hair dresser and mine obviously have the same accountant and I have to get my colour done every 6 weeks because I WILL NOT go grey :-(3) I can see Emily in that second picture of you with the AMAZING curls *sigh*...looking great!4) All those plants! Awesome...
Let's hope spring reaches you soon. There's definitely an autumn nip in the nights here now.
GOOD LUCK with the school work I FEEEEEEL that pain!