The White House

The White House

Friday, March 1, 2013's Friday!!

Another week has flown by without me blogging. Speaking of blogging I have realized that almost every single blog I have been following the last few years have stopped. They don't blog and they don't read here anymore. It's time to search for some new blogs to read and hopefully find some new followers because I love comments. ;)

Ski Club was cancelled on Monday. It was too cold. That evening Lucas had basketball practice. What a disaster that was. Three of the five boys who showed were either pouting, crying (as in sobbing) or losing their temper. Mine was one of them. I have never been so glad to have an event be over as I was this one. 

Tuesday Lucas had to miss his basketball game to go to the Cub Scout  Blue & Gold Banquet. Did you know this is the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts? The kids...except Elijah who was getting ready for his game.... came along. The potluck had some really wonderful foods.

Waiting to get his awards posing like a model. He's still wearing his dads 40+ year old pants!

So proud!!

The event was held at Pioneer Park fka Alaskaland. 

There was a magical clown who put on a show for the crowd. Emily and I left right here to get over to the high school to watch Elijah play basketball. Nick played Dad and stayed with the little ones. Then he took them home to bed for me.

He played hard, but got into some foul trouble. He is haunted by his on-court behavior from his freshman year. It's been two years and you think that adults would have moved on, but they haven't. There's a couple of them who make it a point to foul him out if they have his games. Seriously poorly made-up calls just to get him. Hard for everyone to watch as he has changed so much and works so hard.

 Wednesday the kids had Ski Club. I need to go earlier for pick up and get some photos of them. They really enjoy it. Wednesday was also a craptastic day where everything went wrong and my time was wasted.  Final blow was the snow-go seizing up on the side of the road and it taking two hours to find someone to help Nick load it in the back of my truck all the while two starving little ones are complaining in the back seat. Worse part. I'll bet money he ran it out of oil being irresponsible. If that's the case we won't be able to afford to fix it this year. The only good part about Wednesday was Survivor was on, but Nick wasn't home so it wasn't the same watching it alone.

Last night I coached soccer practice. These guys wear me out. Three of them are in the same class, two others are brothers and they are way too comfortable with me. Lately, with the increase in sunshine and warmth, they are wound up and I have trouble keeping them focused. It's an exhausting hour of 6-year old wild boys. And when I say exhausting and patience trying I'm not kidding.

As soon as practice was over we raced out the door to go to North Pole to watch Elijah's last regular season game. He had another great game of hustle and that one ref who hates him was there. He fouled out with a couple minutes left in a close game that we finally won. Two fouls were legit, two were painfully false and one I didn't see. The frustration was evident, but I was proud he held his tongue and didn't get a technical. Aside from losing there's nothing worse than having the referee take you out of the game.

 I got my seeds ordered. I wanted to buy everything, but ran out of money. :) I wish I had two greenhouses. I'm addicted to gardening and would make my yard twice as big if I could although I don't know how I'd have time to care for it. I already have over 1000 flowers and just as many vegetables that I can barely keep up with.

It will be another 3.5 months, but this is what I'm dreaming of as the snow falls outside.

I need to muck out the plant room and I want to make some progress on the rest of the house as well. This is the 11th day of my husband being gone. I am so ready for him to come home. I'm glad I'm busy.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good grief! Your posts always wear me out. You have so much going on every single day and thousands of seedlings for planting. How do you sleep or even breathe for that matter?

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Those referees should be ashamed of themselves but Elijah should be proud of himself for his restraint in the situation. As a parent, I'd have a really hard time not complaining about the referees.

Lucas is getting so grown up. He's adorable in his scout uniform.

gpc said...

Double ditto on what Kim said. Although the truth sometimes is that biting our tongues protects our kids better than speaking up. In any event, hugs.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Hey, my friend!! I'm still here & still reading. But since my DD turned 13 it's all I can do to keep on her FB adventures. Now I spend way too much time on FB. I post there frequently. WE have been enjoying our horse. Bought a used truck and used trailer in the past 2 days. Need to be able to move our horses when we need to, not on someone else's timeline. Also, now we can go out to the desert, or wherever, whenever we want to trail ride. I miss blogging, but with the design team kaput, and the store now closed, I'm not obligated to blog. I do miss you!! But I still tune in and read. Just have a lot less time on my hands!!

Lori Skoog said...

You sure do know how to grow things!

Amanda said...

Hey lady, I still read and follow along via a reader on my phone. Sadly I'm not blogging anymore. There just isn't enough time in my day!! You are my hero though, and I strive to be more like you!! If you are instagram at all you can follow me there. I post pics and our daily life there! Adcast :)

Martha said...

Your yard is stunning...I wish I had the patience for it myself!