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The White House

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Cone of Shame

I don't think a day goes by when something doesn't alter our plans. Back on the 22nd Mandy was spayed. For some reason the outer layer did not heal and this Friday night her stomach split open. First up Saturday was a trip to the vet to drop her off to be put under, again, and get staples.

Then the regular day resumed with a race to get to soccer photos and then to our game. I was missing 3 players, one of which is an extremely talented 6-year old (some kids just play far beyond their years). We didn't have any subs and the little guys were tired. We had a 2-1 loss which considering everything was incredible. 

Ran Lucas back home and then went back down to get Mandy who is now wearing The Cone of Shame.

Olivia was really bugging me to get planting. I was dragging my feet because the plant room is full of stuff that has no where else to go in my house of disrepair. I need to find a new home for quarts and quarts of pickles, jellies, etc. Blah. I gave in and she planted some begonias and one flat of peppers. Today, we'll clean before planting more. You can read about my garden adventures at My Alaska Garden. She was thrilled. She loves gardening with her mom.

Mandy sat right in our way giving us "the look". When I can keep a close eye on her I take it off, but if I am distracted I keep it on. I don't want her ripping her staples out. 

Frustrated with my weight loss journey which actually is going okay I just want it to happen faster. Don't we all?

Today begins my 13th day without my husband at home. I really miss him. He's going to be a couple more weeks if the weather is good. Did I not say it would be twice whatever his boss said it would be? That's the way it always is. 

Okay.... let's get this Sunday started!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

So cute that its the middle of winter and Olivia is wearing shorts. You have some tough kids there!

Lori Skoog said...

Hope Mandy is doing well. We are getting psyched about our garden too.

Stephen Andrew said...

Aww poor Mandy :( hope she gets better fast.