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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Car Doctor I Am Not

Some parents took photos of the photo shoot and sent them to me. 

I accidentally deleted the one of us being funny so this is what I have to share. I was missing three of my players.

This has been my life as of late. This is Sunday. I no more than walked in the door and had to turn around and go back to town to jump Elijah's car. Nothing like a 30-mile round trip to make me grumpy. Add to that not being able to go to the gym for the second day in a row because there was no one to watch Olivia and Lucas and I was not fit to be around. Exercising has greatly improved my mood, but made it worse when I can't.

Monday was beautiful. Not a cloud in the skies.

It was a great day to take Millie for a walk.

We had +34* here in the hills. It's that time of year where we have big swings in temperatures.... +30 in the days and -10 at nights.

After Ski Club I took the three younger out. Emily was there, but didn't want a photo of herself eating junk. LOL

After dinner we went to Walmart so Lucas could spend the Scout Bucks he earned selling popcorn. He had $30 and wanted Legos. At the Scout office he could have doubled that to $60, but all they have are uniforms, knives, compasses and water bottles all of which we have. (He did not get the hat, but he was darn cute it it). 

Of course, I no more than walked in the door and had to go back to town to rescue the car. Again. This turned into a 2-hour ordeal and ruined the whole evening. 

 Tuesday was Cub Scouts. I did Map & Compass activities with the boys. Here Lucas is making a compass. I also gave each one of them their own compass on a whistle that also had a magnifying glass and thermometer to hang on their zippers.

After Scouts things went downhill again. Ran home to drop Olivia off and then ran to the store for milk. I wanted to shop before basketball so we wouldn't be out so late. Got a call while in the store that our gym had been changed to one further out of town. Nick called all the players and we all raced out there to have the other team not show up. They obviously didn't get all the schedule changes either. This season has been a nightmare of chaos. I hope someone new runs things next season.

On our way back home we got the call. Yes. The car quit again. He either needs a new alternator or there is an electrical short running the battery dead. Whatever the case it took a couple hours to get it home. (Had to jump it twice). The car is now parked and I will have to drive Elijah to school/practice/around for a couple weeks until Homer comes home to fix it. I am dreading it as my schedule is going to be a mess. Already this morning I can't go to the gym because I wouldn't make it home in time to drive him to school so I have to wait and go during the lunch hour when it is busy. Boo! Then tonight I'll get the little ones at 4:20 from Skiing, drive them home only to go back to town to get Elijah from practice at 6:00 or so. I honestly don't have time to waste driving back and forth. I have all those seeds to plant! And honestly, Emily and I just want to go get our nails done and we can't find free time.

Came home to another truck of Andrew's left in the middle of my yard (where it ran out of gas and he never came back to move it). He is so rude to me yet I have to deal with all his vehicles, snowmachines, tents, stuff stored all over my yard and him coming and going as he pleases. He's 23. It would be nice if he'd get a job, a place to live and take his things. Add to that this being the 15th day my husband has been gone and he'll be gone at least another ten if not more and I am one seriously crabby woman. Oh, and Spring Break starts in a couple of days.  Eleven days of kids bickering. Won't that be fun?

I need to get on my broom and fly away!!


Lori Skoog said...

Here's the good news....that picture of Lucas in the cowboy hat is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I don't know how you handle all that, plus Homer being gone. Why do the things that the guys take care of always fall apart when the guys aren't there to fix them? Grr.....

The bright side to spring break should be less trips back and forth to town. Hope you get to work on your seeds.

Stephen Andrew said...

Ugh ugh! Car trouble is the worst. Especially in the cold.

Arizaphale said...

Well, I know I keep saying it but even though it must be a pain for you, all that snow and blue sky, it makes stellar photographs!!!!! Oh, and perhaps the car needs a new battery? How long since it had a new one? I too hate the endless round of taxi driving.Unfortunately, now she's got her licence, the BA just takes my car instead :-(