The White House

The White House

Monday, February 25, 2013

Home In-Progress

Emily and I went to the nail salon and came out girly. They are hella expensive and unpractical, but she loves them and we had fun. It's the little things she will remember.  I wonder if they'll hold up to gardening?

Tuesday morning at 5:30am I drove my husband to the airport. This is my 7th day without him and I miss him terribly. I guess it's good that I'm busy with Scouts, basketball and soccer. In fact maybe too busy. A couple more weeks and things will slow way down. Good thing because I'll be busy gardening!

COMPLETION. It's amazing how many little things I've let pile up over the years. Like this frog that has been waiting to be stitched up for about 5 years. Silly really. No, I didn't do a great job, but you can't see it. It took a couple of minutes and now it isn't nagging me every time I walk by it. I really hope I find time to complete every project that is haunting me. 2013 will be the year!
(Elijah's slippers that took minutes to fix and he's been waiting for a year!). Wow..... kind of embarrassing to say out loud. 

You've seen this space many times before. This was the living room area when we bought the house. It is to be Emily's bedroom at some point. I clean it and it immediately turns back into a catch-all the crap area. I am on a mission to empty the construction zone so when my husband returns nothing will slow him down.
This is the hallway leading to that area. You can see Emily and I moved a lot of the stuff here. We called it our staging area for things to be packed downstairs. The framed wall to the left will be Elijah's new much bigger room. 

So standing with the staging area behind me this is what I see walking down the hall after I've come up my inside stairs and turned right.

This is my crude visual to explain what will happen eventually. The red shows where the walls will be. The big yellow is her door. The little bit of yellow is the opening that leads to the front door. 

This is that front door which obviously will be replaced, walls painted, trim and new flooring. There is also a closet to the left.

So back to the hall... to left was Emily's door and to the right is the little jog in the hallway that leads to my craft room and what will be Olivia's room (that we now share with her and Lucas). 

See....around the corner and straight ahead is to be O's room. This room has a master bath, double sink and walk-in closet. Emily's room will have access to this. It all needs re-done as well, but eventually the girls will have their own bathroom they don't have to share with stinky boys. I'll use it, too. ;)

 If I turn to my right from the above photo I am looking in the "door" of my craft room. It has access to the deck.

Standing in the doorway of the craft room facing the other way I see this....

....and the red indicates the walls to be built. There once was a wall at the end of that brown floor in front of the door, but he tore that out a couple weeks ago.
 Finally, if I am standing in the middle of Emily's to-be room you can see it is kitty-corner to Elijah's to-be room. That space was once the kitchen before we moved downstairs. When they move to these areas Homer and I will go to Em's room and Lucas will go to Elijah's room.....and we will become a six-bedroom house (plus office/craft room) giving everyone their own space. I wonder how many more kids will have moved out by then? LOL

The panoramic view. Emily's door to the bathroom goes where the clock is. It will be awesome, but right now it's one big mess and a pain to live in. And we've been living like this for four years. Or is it five? *sigh*

Emily and I went through the car wash. Yes... they still run at -20* below. Had raven droppings on the truck. Ewww.

The kids had four days off from school. I think that Emily sat right here the entire time. I was glad to send them back to school today. By Sunday night they were bickering way too much.

I so do not want to leave my house, but they added a basketball practice to the schedule tonight so I'd better get a move on. Like I said... I'll be glad when all the sports I coach come to an end. I wonder if the non-coaching parents realize just how much energy it takes to interact with their (not always) angels while they have their faces in their phones?


Nancy J said...

I guess we all need a project now and then, but I think yours is larger than most. Lucas, in the snow, suddenly he is growing up, looking like a real young lad!!! Bathrooms galore, what luxury.Soon the winter sports will be over, then the garden gets its share of your time and energy. See you in 3 weeks. LOL, Jean.

Stephen Andrew said...

Good for you! You're forging ahead and making so much progress!