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The White House

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deep Breath


At the end of the Daisy year Olivia received all her patches at once. I never got around to putting them on her tunic because she wouldn't be wearing it again. It has moved from pile to pile and I finally ironed them on. Completion. 

The Northern Lights were out in full force the other night. I do not have a tripod so these are horrible, but they do give you an idea of what I was seeing.

This is a shaky look at The Big Dipper with a green haze just forming.

I've been running all week. Tuesday I took my Cub Scouts to the Public Library to learn to look up and find a book. We read about animals and I showed them some books in Braille. Elijah had a basketball game, but I had to go coach Lucas' team and then he ended up not playing because he didn't feel good. Wednesday he missed his first day of school....ever. He went 285 straight days and then was home sick.

Rusty did his best to make him feel better.

Thursday was Valentine's Day. I took the kids lunch and watched Lucas' class. That night both my teams practiced at the same time. I had another dad do basketball and I went to soccer. One of Lucas' teammates rode the bus home so I had extra chaos at dinner to get out the door on time.

Friday afternoon Olivia went to a Girl Scout sleepover and we went to Elijah's basketball game. He didn't get to play too much and they lost to a team from Juneau.

Saturday morning my team had a 9:00 am game. That's me talking to the boys at halftime. I take teaching/coaching them seriously. Too seriously.

Lucas wears number 10 like his big brother Nick did.

Last night there was a dessert auction at Elijah's game. I baked Brownies, a Toasted Coconut Creme Pie with a Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust, Oreo Creme Pie, Key Lime Pie and Rhubarb Crisp. Last time we had about 10 desserts out of 40 families so I brought more. Last night we had about 20 and I brought 5. The world is so full of slackers who ride along on the hard work of others. I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of them all.

The above photo is the only one of Elijah. Either my camera or my lens is jacked up. I take 150 photos and about 3 are good. Shop rates are $50 an hour or some crazy thing like that so I've put it off. Now the season is almost over and I have no photos. Frustrating.

Tried all day yesterday to finish this post, but life has been truly busy lately. I'm always running here and there. I'll get a little camera in my pocket so I have some photos to share and can get back to posting more often.

I've been at the gym every day and I feel 100 times better. Took Tony's advice. Read up on fat burning foods and have changed my diet 100%. I feel better than I have felt in 8 years. Hopefully changes continue and I'll have something worth sharing at the end of two months.

I have my husband home for four days to work around the house. Why? Because he's leaving town for work and I'll be on my own. I'm not looking forward to it. I remember years ago when he'd leave and all the kids were younger. It was exhausting not to have back-up. He says two weeks which historically means at least a month so we'll see. I'm done talking about it because I'm going to cry.

Gardening.... I should be gearing up the plant room and I haven't even ordered seeds. Maybe we'll go to the store today and get some bags of dirt so I can feel better about it. How are things in your world?


Mama Bean said...

Yay completion!! I love the northern lights, my husband misses seeing them as often as he did when he lived in The North.

Lori Skoog said...

I see that you are up to your usual! Glad you are feeling great and are going to the gym. It's going to pay off big time.

Stephen Andrew said...

Wow, how spectacular your skies are. And Mandy is sooo big now!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I have seeing the northern lights on my bucket list. How lucky you are to see that so often!

I'm glad Tony's advice helped you. I'm always leery of offering diet advice since I told a friend once how to change her diet and she accused me of calling her fat. Sigh. She's still mad at me 2 years later.

My husband has cut down on his smoking from 3 packs/day to 1 pack/day. He SAYS he's going to the gym with me tomorrow, so we'll see if that actually happens.

Gayle, I don't know how you do all you do - you always amaze me. Have a good week.

Martha said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Northern Lights photos. So beautiful!