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The White House

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Moves On

Sunday was my G-Niece Jadyn's birthday party at the swimming pool. I actually got in the water and played with the kids. No, you don't get to see those photos. 

She made her cake. :)

My little family.

I forgot to take a good photo. The "bird house" is from us. Homer built it and I painted it. One side has 2 spatulas and a whisk. The other side has a flipper and two spoons. On one end measuring spoons and on the other end measuring cups. There were also oven mitts and towels to match. She likes to bake.
You can see most of the family.... my g-nephew David (hidden on the end), g-niece Justise, g-niece Destiny, g-niece Jadyn, Lucas, Emily and niece Tisha. We had a nice time. 

The diet is going miserably. I mean I've completely changed what I eat. No "good" foods. Salad and yogurt. Counting every calorie and I'm hardly consuming any. No alcohol. Tons of water. Going to the gym. Zero results. Everyone else in the bet is getting results and I'm pretty sure none of them go to the gym. I'm pissed. Depressed. Bummed. Mad. Etc. 

I tried to keep moving all day rather than spend time sitting on the computer. I swept up all the stuff the dogs chewed up and mopped this room. Hauled wood and filled it to under the window. Extra moving didn't take any pounds off either, but the room got clean. I wonder if the "dog room" will ever be a real kitchen?

Made my family dinner of which I didn't not eat any. I had salad and one cup of homemade bean soup. I even baked them white chocolate chip cookies and didn't have a single taste. That didn't matter to  my scale either.

I'll leave with the very grey drive home from the gym yesterday. For those that asked we don't drive we with chains. I drive this in to town and back 1-5 times a day. A whole lot of the same nothing watching for the occasional moose. Gets boring after awhile. I should get some books to listen to or learn a foreign language to make better use of my time. 

Okay. I'm taking my discouraged butt to the gym. I'm hoping my metabolism will wake up any moment and my efforts will show at least a little. It would be terribly embarrassing to not lose anything in this challenge. 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That bird house/utensil holder is adorable.

Gayle, Try using this super tracker for your food. It's a bit time consuming for the first 2 days until you get used to it, but do it for a week - it shows you the nutritional value of everything you eat so you can see where you're getting too much fat, sodium, empty calories.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a neat idea the birdhouse was with all of the baking/cooking utensils. I've never seen anything like it. You and Homer did a great job.

Dieting ~ can be very stressful that's for sure. You get so much exercise in all that you do I don't see why you need the gym. Our society is too fixated on being thing if you ask me. Just my two cents worth.

The dinner for your family looks delicious.

Your snowy weather looks awfully cold to me. Today it is very warm. It's 2:10 p.m. est. and 80. Sun going in and out between clouds. We're supposed to get rain Thursday and if we do, that will be oh so nice.

Take each day as it comes Gayle, count your many blessings.

Have a nice Valentine's day ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, I asked my son about your diet and he suggested upping your calorie intake each day by adding a 4 oz. piece of chicken breast . He said if you really dropped your daily caloric rate down low, your body thinks its starving itself and is fighting you.

Add about 100 calories more per day than what you're currently eating by adding that chicken or some fruit or veggies.

He also suggested switching to weights at the gym for a week or 2. Just a suggestion. He lost 85 pounds and said he knows exactly what you're going thru. You don't have to post this comment on your blog if you don't want to. Big hugs.

Arizaphale said...

Oh I feel your diet depression. At least I know WHY I'm not losing weight (bottle of wine a night, chocolate fix at end of each school day, insufficient gym visits...). I was going to suggest something like the previous commenter. A diet which many of my friends have used with great success, involves eating a fair bit of protein every two hours during the day. I think it was 250g of lean meat and salad at 11am and 1pm as well as proteinpowder and nuts at 3 pm, then protein and salad at 6pm....they also recommend using weights at the gym. For my money, aquarobics is as good as weights! I did a class on Tues and could barely MOVE afterwards!!!!!! And I do my zumba class and treadmilling with sweat but not too much pain nowadays. >:-( Apparently the frequent, protein meals kick start your metabolism. I tried it and it did work but I couldn't keep it up because I am too disorganised! Hope you see some results soon. (Oh and I also loved the birdhouse!!)

Martha said...

I feel for you! I was a big time caffeine drinker. Nine months ago I completely gave it up (against my will). I have lost NOT A POUND. Not even half of one. But I'm not giving up and neither should you. We're getting healthier...even if it doesn't look like it. Hang in there!