The White House

The White House

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fast and Furious

On Super Bowl Sunday we also had cake for Cody and Nick's 20th Birthdays. (What a table full of food!)

They got 40 candles on there!

Olivia made cards for the boys that held some cash. Who doesn't love cash?

Wednesday was a day from hell and a great example of why nothing gets done at home. I spent the day in the truck. Got the kids off to school on the bus and then drove Elijah to school to catch the bus that took them to the airport to fly to Anchorage for a basketball game. (The next day they flew to Kenai and then took a bus to Homer for a 3 day tournament. They will fly home tonight).

After dropping him off I drove back home. Only to turn around and go back to take Olivia and Lucas lunch not knowing I'd go home and have to turn right around and get Emily. She was doing the splits at school and popped her hip out. Took her sobbing to sit for an hour waiting for the chiropractor to open back up (he takes a 1.5 hour lunch) to find that it had popped back in and she would be okay.

Drove her home just in time to get a call from Olivia that her stomach hurt too much to go skiing. It also hurt too much to ride the bus and could I pick her up. I went and got her and the irony... we followed the bus all the way home! Dropped her off and then went back one last time to get Lucas from ski club. It was 5 trips in all with lots of wait time which pretty much used up my day.

His rosy ski cheeks!!
Thursday had a busy evening. I picked up another player on my team from daycare and then Olivia from Girl Scouts. Ran home with 20 minutes to feed the boys and then we were out the door to soccer practice. Ran up and down the gym floor from 6-7 with soccer players, jumped in the truck, drove to another school and ran up and down the court for another hour with basketball players. Coaching two teams is wearing me out! More rosy cheeks after practice.

Friday I got Emily to a birthday party and then went and did a weigh-in for a weight loss bet for Biggest Loser that I'm in. Scales are depressing.

Saturday morning Lucas had a soccer game. Disaster for him. He played and scored in the first 5 minutes and then had a melt down that his shin guards were itchy. Never played again. We did win 2-1 so that was cool.

Here I am getting ready to pull into the driveway. We've had some really sunny days lately.
Home for a bit and then off running Emily to another birthday party. Back home for chores and then took the little ones to my niece's to spend the night. Ran some errands, had dinner out with my husband (not good for the diet) and then back home to watch a movie.
That brings us to today. Look out Sunday here I come!! LOL


Nancy J said...

Gayle, do you ever slow down? now this is another "Silly question? "Do you have chains on the truck? Ute? One day you will have some time to yourself, till then I can see the days all merging into one big blur of business!!! Take care. fond greetings to all from Jean.p.s great cake with all those candles.

Stephen Andrew said...

Once again, you have my head spinning :) hope Olivia and Emily are both feeling better. And at least Lucas will play some of the time, when I was little on my soccer team I spent much more time picking dandelions and clover than ever watching the ball.

Arizaphale said...

Hey! I was just going to ask about whether you had chains on the truck too!! That last pictures is beautiful. I love snow and blue sky. Awesome combination. Looks like the "40th" birthday was a bit hit! So lovely to see a family all celebrating together. I can't get mine in the same room together long enough to light a candle!
Here's hoping your weight loss is progressing better than mine :-(