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The White House

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Having A Pity Party

Found this photo on my phone. Olivia took it while Emily was watching baby during the Super Bowl so Cody and Trudy could watch the game.

On Monday we saw this big moose in the ditch.

I pulled up to get a better photo, but a truck came along and spooked her.

 She really only moved about 20-30 feet. Isn't it amazing how such a large animal disappears?
Yesterday had sunshine and blue skies. Taking a photo was as close as I got to enjoying it. I've been awfully tired (lazy?) lately. I napped most of the day. I think the last time I slept this much I was pregnant (no chance of that now).

Yesterday I took my Cub Scouts to the Transient Station to teach them about Public Transportation.

 We rode one of the city buses for 35 minutes. I'm 45 years old and I've never been on a city bus. I don't really care to repeat it any time soon. I'll be honest... the smells were more than I could handle and just thinking about all the germs grossed me out. I guess I'm a public bus snob. It does serve a purpose although I hope I'm never in the position to need it. I did notice a lot of socializing that went on even among strangers. It is a good way to people watch, but man they drive fast. The driver floors it and then slams on the brakes. I didn't much care for be thrown about. The kids loved it. :)

After Scouts we ran home to drop off Olivia and eat. Then Lucas and I were off to his basketball game. It's a completely exhausting adventure for me.... the coaches run up and down the court with the players giving them direction.... that's 24 minutes of running. I am so out of shape or I should say my shape is round. This is not easy for me, but I do it.
No rest once I got home. I had to do a bunch of laundry and pack Elijah for his trip. He flies out today (actually 4 minutes ago) for a basketball trip. They will fly down to Anchorage today to play Colony. Tomorrow morning they will fly to Kenai and then take a 2-hour bus ride down to Homer for a 3-day tournament. They bus and then fly back home Sunday night. It's 568 miles from my house to Homer. I have been planning since October to make the drive with Emily. Then Nick got a job a couple weeks ago and I have no one to take care of the Wee People for me. Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. And I'm pouting like a small child. Humph!


Nancy J said...

Plan changes make us all feel like we have missed out big time, whether we are Little People, growing up teenagers ,or adults.But with icy roads, snow drifts and more, I think flying is the way to go!! SORRY, my safe way of thinking, and so sorry you missed out, you need a close by "fill-in-mother" to step in when these things happen.Public bus, I have used them so seldom, but agree, fast, smelly, overcrowded, and alwyas glad to step off. Hoping next year the trip is reality!! Greetings from Jean

Stephen Andrew said...

Damn. If ever I think I have a busy day...I just read your blog and I remember my life is easy! I'm sorry you can't make it to his game. If I were close I would babysit!

Arizaphale said...

Rats about the road trip...but looking on the bright side...Nick GOT A JOB!!!!! I wish my step son would do that >:-(....
That moose is really cool! I love the wildlife in different countries. It's always exciting when you see it. Basketball coaching. Hmmm...maybe that is what I need to make some impact on my steadily rounding figure!! Hope you had a good sleep after that busy day.