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Monday, January 21, 2013

My Word

Do you remember my word for 2012?  You can read that post here.  Here is the link to the blogger I stumbled upon that got me started on the word deal. I don't follow her blog, but this is the story and her new word.

2012: CALM....  I live a high-strung, drama-filled, if-it-can-go-wrong-it-will life and most of it I don't share here. If I did you'd have some kind of fundraiser to send me on vacation it's that bad. I don't want to take advantage of your kindness. :) So how did "calm" work for me. Okay. I won't say great as I still tend to fly off the handle in a verbal rant that when the stress becomes too much, but I did handle outside situations better. For example, when I was put in confrontational deal regarding my son screwing something up again I kept calm. Quiet. Reasonable. I did a much better job of controlling my tongue and my temper. Do I still have a long way to go? You bet, but at least I was better.

There are other influences in life that prevent me from remaining calm and those are of my own doing. Clutter, mess, filth, being behind... create tremendous stress within me. I explode. I am miserable. I make everyone else miserable. So what do I do? I live day after day in the chaos that drives me absolutely insane. Doesn't make much sense does it?  There are some big things, but most of it is truly little shit that nags in the back of my brain. I cannot clear it out so there's always this little annoying voice (that I'd love to slap) saying you should do this or you should do that instead of sitting here like a slug.

So my word for 2013? COMPLETION

I need to complete things I start which encompasses a wild array of things. Some as simple as drying the load of laundry I washed before it becomes moldy and has to be washed again. Finishing the task I started...COMPLETION. 

Last night I put this into practice and completed the kitchen clean-up after dinner. I have a horrible habit of loading the dishwasher, wiping things down...blah, blah, but then I don't wash those two pots and leave them on the stove. Then the next day it's something else added, another dish or pot until my counters and sinks are full. AND THEN I GO CRAZY FROM THE CHAOS.  Last night I washed the pots. 

I also have 401 unfinished craft projects that are all great ideas, but worthless if not completed. Like this quilt made out of skateboarding t-shirts for Christmas for Nick two?three? years ago. The t-shirts are cut and stiffened with backing. The alternating squares are cut. I need to cut the flannel squares that are the other side and put it all together. The guilt is immense. 

Maybe you recall the gaiters I cut out to sew for Lucas' Kindergarten class. Pinned and ready, but never finished. He's now in First Grade.

This is a box of Christmas dresses. Cut out, pinned and unsewn. Started this when Emily was a toddler and could wear them. I would like to finish them for our granddaughter and if she is too big next Christmas then they can become gifts.

The Valentine envelope I knitted for Olivia to give her teacher last year that I never sewed the button on or had her make a card. It just sits in my house creating clutter. I sewed the button this morning and she will make the card today. It will be for a new teacher.

Oh, yes, remember the Christmas wall hangings from last year. Almost, but not quite done. I want to finish, wrap, address and have ready to mail at Thanksgiving this year. Can I do it?

A baby blanket I started at some point. I don't remember the pattern I was doing. I knit, but I'm not that good. It's good to take some trial and error for me to figure it out, but I am determined to do it.

 Another blanket that has three panels done. What? And I was so busy that I couldn't finish the last one so instead I start another project. This screams ADD. I get "bored" and move on before finishing.

Another blanket that has two panels done. This is where I am starting in my COMPLETION vow. What you see is the start of a third and final panel that I did while watching football yesterday.
Would you believe I even have another project from when my twin nephews were about one that I haven't finished. I think they are 22 or 23 now. Clearly I suck.

So this is the year of COMPLETION. From little things like laundry, dishes, mopping or whatever chore I start and normally wander off from because I apparently have the Ohhhh, Something Shiny Syndrome.... to the bigger things like the endless crafty projects I've never finished (and yes, there are more than I shared here). I wonder how I'll do?

Let me end today with a couple photos of Elijah playing basketball. He had a game last Thursday. He did great and they won. Lucas had his first practice at the same time. I'm the coach. Homer covered for me. I think we're going to have several more conflicts before it is over. (Which is a completely different entity that makes me crazy... missing an event I should be at).

Olivia and I are heading out just as soon as I make a grocery list. Going to try and figure out how to stretch a dollar into more meals. I seriously do not want to go shopping, but the cupboards are bare. 

So tell me.... do you have a word for 2013?


Arizaphale said...

Oh my! You are my doppelganger! That story about the pots on the stove...THAT IS ME!!! And the clean washing that sits on the dining room table all week waiting to be sorted and put away.I call it the 'squirrel' the dog in 'Up'? Something else always catches my attention. I too have hoards of unfinished craft projects. I have a baby blanket I was embroidering the night I went into labour with the BA (17.5 years ago); I have a cross stitch I only do on holidays, which I started on the plane coming back to Australia in goes on. There are many people like us I am sure.I applaud you in your word for 2013! Let us know how it goes. (btw: you have some really interesting/lovely craft projects happening there...the Christmas wall hangings are particularly cute)

gpc said...

I have two. Or maybe one word with a modifyer. I am planning to fit into my life this year some RIDICULOUS FUN. I am tired of being too busy, too isolated, too lazy to find things that make me laugh, so I'm hoping to add that missing element. January has had several instances of truly ridiculous fun already, so I am hopeful. I had forgotten how good it feels to laugh, and how freeing it is to make a fool of myself. And heck, that turns out to be something I'm pretty good at, lol.

Mama Bean said...

Yay! I love your one work :) Excited to see how it works out for you. So far my one word is going okay... lol. I'll just have to stick with it!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, your problem is that you have so many people who depend on you for so many things. I'm in awe of the stuff you DO get accomplished. I get tired watching you.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, I should have many words for 2013, but the one that stands out above all others is
I have lots of WIP ( work in progress), boxes of saved goodies ( I thought they were good at the time) books,many things well past their use by date, and I have started with the garden pots, one job all done.!!! Will not count the rest to do.Too hot at over 30C= to 86F, so I will contemplate the next on the "TIDY" list . Cheers from Jean. p.s. you are doing so well with the CALM, a busy life, every day on the run, winter darkness, I hope your daylight is starting to show in the earlier mornings now.

Martha said...

You made me so happy with this post! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one with a thousand unfinished projects :(

Stacy Davis said...

Your craft piles look like MY craft piles! I get bored too....and so I put stuff down..and by the time I get back to whatever it is...I have forgotten what I was doing :/
I don't have an official "word"...but I think this year is going to have to be dedicated to organization. The other house needs to be emptied and sold...which means more stuff coming here..and Ill be tripping over all of it if I can't get my ass in gear and get stuff in it's place. I might have to kick everyone else out of my house in order for that to work though...we'll see :P LOL

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh this is so refreshing! I am right there with you. That is one of the hardest things aboutbeing creative--the unfinished projects! It's so inspiring to start them, then finishing feels like a chore. You're not alone! I'm off today, and you've inspired me to get off my ass and finish some things! But really, don't beat yourself up you have good reason to fall behind on things, you are so busy!

Tink *~*~* said...

My word for 2013 is INCOME.