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The White House

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Basketball & Snow

Thursday before class I took Elijah to get a hair cut. Always perfecting his mullet. Can you see the stripes in the side?

First game in the tournament was against Kodiak. We lost. Elijah played about 2/3 of the game. Tisha, Travis, Jadyn and Justise came to watch the game with Homer, Nick, Emily, Olivia, Lucas, Trudy and me. Elijah had a big cheering section. 

The second game was against Lathrop. We lost by a lot. He played about 1/2 the game (or less). Tisha, the girls, Justise's boyfriend and David came to the game with Homer and me.

  Saturday was the third game of the tournament against North Pole. We won and he played about 1/2 the game. I went to the game alone, but still cheered loud.

Olivia's Molly tank. She has 4 adults, 1 juvenile that was one of her babies and 4 babies. We hope they have more.

Sunday Cody, Trudy, Nevaeh and Asa were here for dinner.

Monday it rained. Then it snowed huge flakes. Then it rained some more. The roads were awful and so dangerous. After school activities were cancelled so I picked up Elijah and the little ones leaving Emily to ride a very late bus home. They decided to cancel school for Tuesday (today), but as luck has it the roads are better today than they were yesterday. The temperature finally dropped. Would you believe we were up to 36* and rain in January. Crazy storm, but we are supposed to go back to -30* in a day or two so it was short lived.

We never get to make snowmen because the snow is a dry powder from the cold. Last night the kids took advantage of the fun. It was gone this morning and Olivia was very disappointed when she went out and the snow wouldn't stick anymore.


Nancy J said...

Look at your girls, Nevaeh with Grandad's? gloves on, a huge smile, Olivia smiling too. Take care on those roads, I have not been on a road with that much snow ever, maybe I should plan a winter visit, and have that wonderful "one-off" experience of a lifetime!!!My luck would be all the roads and airports would be closed... Greetings to all from Jean. does Elijah leap so high??love his red shoes too.

Stephen Andrew said...

The photos of Olivia in the snow with her father are truly priceless and heartwarming. It seems it's even been a weird winter all the way up in Alaska. Whatever may be to blame, I'm glad it have you guys a chance to make a proper snowman!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great shots of Elijah.

How wonderful that Dad and Olivia got to make a snowman together, those are wonderful memories she will cherish.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Martha said...

The grandbaby is beautiful and I'm glad your babies got to enjoy the snow!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Elijah always looks like he tries so hard no matter what sport he's playing.

I want some snow - still none here in Chicago.

Arizaphale said...

I can't imagine snow so cold it doesn't stick! By the way, I like the new look on your site!

anymommy said...

Elijah is so grown up. I know that's probably obvious, but still.