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The White House

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holy Busy Batman!

Is this a classic photo or what? Emily gave Sophie a bath so I could cut the mats off her. There is no way this dog is ever going to be able to have long hair. We are entirely too busy for the amount of grooming that takes. What a cutie pie. 

My children are constantly downloading apps and playing on my phone. His six-year old world is so different than it was for me. When I get it back there is a good chance it will be filled with shots of just about everything in the house. And maybe some voice recordings, too. Kids are funny.

On our way grocery shopping on Monday Olivia and I stopped to take a photo of the valley with my "big camera" which did not have a CF card in it. So you get a phone photo. This is a view from Chena Ridge over-looking Fairbanks. Apparently winter is over and I didn't realize it. Fred Meyer has all winter gloves, coats, etc. on Clearance and half off of that price. Bring on the bathing suits!  Humpf! My kids will need gloves another three months at least (and I was just buying some today as Olivia's are MIA at school).

Took my girl for some fries. I love spending time with her and don't get enough. I feel pulled in so many directions all the time.

Yesterday I took my Tiger Cubs on a field trip. We went to the Animal Shelter.

After that it was off to coach our first game of the season. My team is K-1st graders. Most are pretty clueless about the concepts of defense and offense.... they just run around smiling and if they get the ball they run with that too! Lucas, I am happy to say, remembers what he learned last year.

COMPLETION. Man is this ever going to be a challenge as I've developed a lot of really bad habits over the years. Here sits some of the groceries three days later. I easily could have put them on the shelf (a shelving unit is all I have as the one cupboard has pots and pans....maybe someday I'll have a real kitchen?), but I didn't. Neither did the other six people in this house who have stepped over the pile for.three.days. Yep, we're ALL lazy it seems. There's my bags from last night full of Cub Scout stuff and basketball stuff and my camera. In my defense I did spend 3 hours correcting home school work, 2 hours on Scouting paperwork and did some laundry and dishes before my evening of field trips and games so dropping the bags because I was beat I can deal with. The groceries not so much.
And as I typed this I looked down to this pile of junk that needs taken care of but sometimes it is so hard to do when your house isn't finished with closets and cabinets and such. Besides the Christmas lights that were for my Finnish Candles that my husband plowed away and the copy paper that could go somewhere else or the basket of paperwork that I should take care of or the popcorn popper that could be on the shelf...what do you see? Yes, another half knitted item. Someone should just take my knitting needles away.
Elijah has basketball, Lucas has basketball, Lucas will start soccer in a couple weeks, Lucas has Cub Scouts, Olivia has Girl Scouts and today... Olivia and Lucas are starting ski club after school. You know because we don't do anything else. I need to find a piano teacher with lessons less than $20 an hour (two sessions per week) for Olivia and I need to find a ballet/dance class that is somewhat reasonable (that's a joke... I think they are all $20 a session as well) for Emily. Oh, and Olivia wants to take swimming lessons. I originally whined about why I can't afford it all, but what's the point? Just makes me a whiny bitch and doesn't change a thing. We'll figure it out. They're only ours for a little while.

Okay.... now about those groceries......


Nancy J said...

And here I am thinking my life is too busy!!! Never, after reading about your average day.Yes, lessons out of school cost, but are all a part of life these days.Yes Gayle, so different to your days and even more so to mine, no TV, no cell phone, no laptop, I had an old piano,had to bike, on a "no speed" bike, about 4 miles to a lesson once a week after school.And thought that was great.Hang in there, they do leave home sometime!!! Never mind the mess, a house that is "pristine and hospital white and tidy" does not get good marks for being one a family loves to live in.Home is just as it should be, a much loved home.With a very much loved family... Greetings to all at TWH, from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You can put the groceries away when your kids are grown and gone. Sports and fries are way more important.

Lori Skoog said...

Especially love the pictures of Sophie and Lucas. Gorgeous!