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The White House

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Snow

Photo shots with Millie do not run smoothly. She's a hyper 2-pound puppy in a 50-pound adult body. As menacing as it looks she really wasn't going to eat Sophie. 

"If we make a leap for it we might escape the camera".

I do believe Olivia stayed in her pajamas all Saturday and Sunday. It was that kind of weekend.

Saturday Lucas and I went to see a live owl presentation. We did a scavenger hunt while we waited for the show to start. (See the wolf?)

The Morris Thompson Cultural Center has a lot to offer. I never knew it was so fancy.

Can you see Lucas? This room had two big display cases and three televisions with synchronized nature movies. Very cool.

In this area there were interactive educational tables set up with owl feet, owl wings and owl barf to pick through and look for animal bones.

This is a Great Grey Owl. We learned that he has 10,000 feathers and weighs only 2 pounds. Under all that fluff his skull is small than your fist. This one had been hit by a car and had wing damage. He can only fly about 15 feet at a time and cannot go up in the air.

This Great Horned Owl weighs 2.5 pounds and his feet are way bigger than the first owl. The Grey lives almost exclusively on voles, but the Horned Owl can carry away a small dog or cat. They are much more powerful. This one had been shot and most of his left wing had been amputated. I think she said he was 15 years old.

Metal art depicting two ravens. I swear I could hear them screaming. Pesky birds.

Sunday I spent three hours outside shoveling and plowing the yard. We got quite a bit of fresh snow this weekend. The guys were over to snowboard. Love having them here. I should hand them all shovels, but then they probably wouldn't come back. LOL




Elijah....not sure what happen to Nick K.'s photo.

I fed all the guys biscuits and gravy before they had to head out. This is becoming a regular Sunday event. 

Emily has been spending extra days at my house as her dad is working nights. Really enjoying this time.

Isn't that the cutest face?

Look who was happier this morning. Such a stinker.

Love the house full of people, but Sunday is supposed to be work-on-the-house day. It's become the opposite and seems to be more of be lazy and watch football. It's okay, I suppose. My husbands needs time to rest as he works so much, but I don't see our home every being finished. He did fix my ironing board and hung up a light on the sledding hill so the day wasn't a total loss.  :)

We are plagued with vehicle problems. Elijah's is down... could be clutch or transmission... who knows. They yesterday Homer's truck just shut off and wouldn't start again. He took Nick's van to work. More time will be spent working on vehicles instead of our home. Just can't win.

I have 101 things to do so I'd better get at it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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Nancy J said...

My grandkids' dream, is having your own snow sled hill in your own yard!!! Lucas, what a great owl place, Olivia, love the jamas, Gayle, next year maybe for the house. and guys, great sledding. I see your temps, are so low!!!Emily, lovely as always. Cheers from Jean. ( and I thought it was a bit breezy cool with the southerly wind and 6 Celsius!! this morning )I need to toughen up!!!