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The White House

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Busy Days!

I made moose jerky the other day from ground meat. Added a bunch of spices....
 rolled it out...
and put it in the dehydrator (and some in the oven). Makes for a quick snack without too much effort.

There go Olivia and Lucas out to the bus. I scope the yard before hand to make sure they don't run out into a moose.

Yesterday was my day to volunteer at lunch in Olivia's class. I played I SPY with the kids. They do get excited. I'm going to have to ask O about the boy behind her. I'd be very annoyed with someone in my space like that. She's more laid back though.

Yesterday was also our Tiger Cub meeting day. I took the boys to the same place Lucas and I went this past weekend.

They loved it. Some many things to look for in the scavenger hunt. Lucas and I saw lots of things we missed the other day. The Bear Den only had 3 show up to their meeting so they decided to join us.

Kids aren't fazed much by the cold. It was about -10* below and -22* with the wind chill.

And I'll leave with my two sweeties just before school this morning
Time to run down to the school to sell Smencils (smelly pencils) during the lunch hour. Raising money for first grade field trips in the Spring.

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Nancy J said...

Your sunrise at 9.23 a.m. -23 Celsius, Kids outside with NO hats!!!No wonder the bus has big bright lights,Love the I Spy game, and the hunt, all good things to do even when an adult, I like playing " Missing object" games from Bigfish!! What does that say about my age/intetests/ brain power/ or time I spend on the laptop??? Take care on the road Gayle, wrap up with warm hats and mufflers and gloves. Greetings from Jean.