The White House

The White House

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Many, Too Much

Too tired. Too many emotions running through my head with all the work I've done the last few days, Cub Scout Meetings, Friends saving my ass on popcorn sales, going to the youth jail, probation officer at the school, orthopedic surgeon appointments, frantic drill with the teachers and books to be eligible to travel Friday (will he??), pumping massive steroids into his system (driving to town with pills) and an MRI for his knee tomorrow. At 7:15 am. In 7.5 hours, up in 6.5.

I'm too tired to fill in the details, but I will. Soon. But for now I'll leave you with purple because purple is pretty.


Holly said...

Goodness..what a busy-sounding few days. Hope everything turns out ok, and make sure you keep on looking after yourself too.
Love the purple photo as well, the colour of the purple is just ace.

Humble wife said...

Love the purple~calms me down, when I think about life, and the busyness. My mom told me something several years ago that always comes to mind...when it slows down you wish it sped up again...

(((hugs))) I so understand.