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The White House

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Where I Bore You With Trees

Did I tell you about the over-sized chair I bought from a friend's garage sale? It came with an ottoman and my intention was to get it for Millie. She's a monster and takes up half the couch. Her laying on the floor is not an option. Just ask her; she'll tell you she's a lap dog. Maybe even thinks she's human. I also think the heated slab about does her in with her thick coat. Anyhow as you can see she's out like a light and very much loving living inside. The chair? Emily is taking it for her room. The family tells me it's too nice for a dog bed. I didn't think so, but was over ruled.

I'm circling the property cutting up trees and hauling brush. Obviously, I'm an undiagnosed low-attention span hyper-active person. I don't stay at one thing very long. I bounce around ten different projects at once. Personally, I don't think this is a problem... I say it's to keep from getting bored. Doctors might say differently. :)

I want this to be grass and a sitting area to watch birds. Also, a space for my Koi pond. There are 9 million and one Aspen that need cut and cleaned up. I guess mowing will keep them from coming back? I can't dig the area up or I'll damage the roots of the big trees.

Here's the same area from the other side. See how dense it is?
 These are trees that were in The Great Hole where the dump truck now sits. I'm trimming the limbs and cutting the smaller stuff. Someone else will have to use the bigger chainsaw for the thick parts. I'm also hauling the brush to a big pile for a bonfire in a few weeks. This is to the right....

....and this is to the left of where I'm standing.

This is the mess if you stand by the dump truck and look back. There are big holes that are ankle breakers under the trees. Homer is going to have to pull them out onto flat ground. I'm putting in more effort than is necessary.

Down the bank is this tree... I've already picked up half of it.

There was this pile that I got yesterday, too.

And another tree over there and lots of brush. I wish the weather would hold another month. This is the best time to clean an area... when the trees are bare from leaves. Someday I'd like to have all the twigs removed, it neatly groomed and toss out wildflower seed all down the ditch and bank.

There's a dozen or more trees in that area, too, that were cut down a couple of years ago. There's some nice dry spruce I hope to get out of there before it is buried. I can't believe how much I am enjoying sawing and hauling. I guess it is being able to instantly see progress that makes this fun.

Here's my pile which is bigger today. I covered it all with tarps. It's supposed to start raining Sunday and I'll be in Anchorage with the kids. We're putting in another 800 miles for another football game. I hope we don't run into too much snow in the hills.

Remember the sledding hill I showed you? This is it from out in the road. You can see how we used to pile brush, etc. down there before we had a wood stove. On the other side it is covered with dirt and makes a ramp to stop the sledder. Eventually I'd like it all covered and then toss some grass seed just so it looks nicer.

Emily bathed both Rusty and Sophie last night. I need to try and shave her. Somehow her ears are one big mat and all the hair is going to have to come off. We'll be taking them with us as Homer and Lucas are going to a Scouting camp-out and I don't want Nick to have to worry about them. Somehow I think I am going to regret this. :)
Time to head back out and putt in my yard. Still wondering how I'm doing without the kids? Fine although I do miss having someone to talk to. Olivia likes to be my side kick when I'm working in the yard. I find I'm talking to Millie a lot. I guess that's okay unless she starts talking back. Enjoy your weekend!


Janie said...

I talk to Daisy all the time. And she talks back with her eyes, so call me crazy!
Clearing all those trees looks like a lot of work.

Humble wife said...

Love the wood photos...means you'll be warm and cozy! I think it is fun to gather wood and cut and stack it!