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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up

It sure has been a long time since I've blogged so I'll just start things off with a random photo of the fajitas I made last week. I am so thankful for a huge chest freezer full of moose from Larry & John's camp, salmon from Jim and halibut from Debbi. We are truly blessed.

This is where I waited while Elijah had a MRI on his knee. The knee that he played two football games on. The knee that he  played pick-up basketball games after school on. The knee that has a quite large fracture at the bottom of his femur. I can't believe the sheer toughness of that kid. The doctor had never seen anything like it. He couldn't believe Elijah could even stand. Four weeks on crutches without bearing weight and if it heals he can play basketball.

Friday we drove down to Anchorage. Elijah's team made the semi-quarter finals. Saturday morning the girls and I went out to breakfast.

We goofed off at the mall.

Then we went to a football game. Thankfully it had stopped raining, but it was cold.

Dorene & John's daughter, Jessi, is a cheerleader. The girls made signs to support her.

Then we watched Elijah play football. On that knee. The one that he isn't supposed to put any weight on. It seems after going through all the kids he is the only one who can long snap the ball. (There he is head down). He's nearly impossible to keep down anyhow and he sure wasn't going to be the reason 26 Seniors didn't move on in the play-offs. (What if it would have come down to a field goal and the snap was bad?).

I was less than thrilled because I knew he'd do just this....try to tackle. He was supposed to snap and walk off the field. He did not because he's Elijah and he does what he wants. :) The trainer and I were a wreck.

The game wasn't going so well so our team was doing a lot of punting which meant he was out there a lot. I held my breath a lot.

 See the ball in the top left? He did a great job snapping for the team.

The team lost 34-6. It was disappointing, but we did get on the board against one of the best if not the best team in the state. AND Elijah managed to not get hit or hurt further. Whew! Now he's diligently on his crutches healing for basketball. I realize you all must think I'm crazy for letting him play, but after what he went through last summer I figure he earned the right to make those decisions after weighing all the options.

Sunday morning Dorene, John and I went down to the Peanut Farm to watch football. Huge sports grill with all the games on a ton of televisions. Food was awesome. John's Steelers won and my Packers lost. We took a bridge over this creek into the building.

Afterwards the girls met us at the Chocolate Factory which is home to the World's Largest Chocolate Fall.

We went back to the house and loaded up our stuff/animals as it was getting late. Rusty and Sophie came with us because Homer and Lucas weren't going to be home. They went to a Cub Scout overnight camp. Lucas had a blast and even did the Polar Bear Plunge into the lake at 40*. Homer said a lot of kids who tried it cried. He didn't. He's tough like Elijah. Great.

Yes, you see an extra dog. We brought one of Dorene's puppies home for "Emily". (The dog will end up being mine just as the other three are). Her name is Mandy. Her mom is a brindle pit bull mix and the father is a purebred Chesapeake. She looks like a black lab LOL. Look at that smile... I think she's happy to go with us.

We went to the pet store before leaving town for a dog collar, food and a guinea pig. Flower passed away the night before we left. Olivia has had her two years and was so upset. She cried which made me cry. Daddy told her she could get a new one in Anchorage. Right... because traveling with 3 humans and 3 canines in a truck wasn't enough. This is Minnie (Tink... can you see the Hidden Mickey? Hence her name).

She sacked out all the way home and what a long trip it was. There was a head-on collision that closed the road for 1.5 hours.

This is what driving in no-where Alaska looks like at night in the pouring rain. The highway is not lit. Anywhere. At one point I was in tears. I couldn't see. At all. Apparently, that happens when one gets older. I drove so slow and it did get better when the rain went to just a sprinkle, but it was after 11 pm before we got home. As a bonus the last 40 miles had dense fog that brought us to 20 mph at times. "Someone" better put my moose lights on my truck. Until then I'm not driving in the dark.

Back at home.... Olivia and Elijah stayed home Monday. Olivia was burning up with a fever all the way back. She slept 20 straight hours. Tuesday Elijah stayed home again. Today they are all at school. :)

It rained all day Monday so I worked on my pigsty, I mean, house. I like when I get to use power tools.

Mandy is making herself right at home.

 Yesterday Elijah and Lucas got haircuts at the barber.

 And last night we had a fire for a short time before bed.

He loves having a Mohawk.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. $450 dollars doesn't go as far as it used to. The fuel/freight costs really drive our prices up. I have to go out again today and get the last few things. Really I just want to sleep. I have a sore throat and headache, but there's just too much to do. I'm trying so hard to go through every inch of my house. I can't live in this mess anymore. I'll get there as I'm more determined than ever.... if any further drama could hold off I'd appreciate it. 

I'll leave you with a photo of the dogs hogging the couch. Right after this Mandy bit Millie's tail. Pretty funny stuff. 

Off to the store and then to cut some wood since it quit raining and snow is coming this weekend.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You sure raise some tough kids! I am so impressed with Elijah's inner strength - once he learns to channel that properly, he can go so far. And Lucas and the polar plunge? Wow!!

Humble wife said...

First off~love love love all the photos! Your dogs and guinea reminded me of a trip we took several years ago~I made a sign that said "9 states, 4 kids, a dog, and a guinea pig!" We had so many along our trip make signs to respond to ours!!

The signs of support remind me of Cheaper by The Dozen~super cool!

Your dark roads are like ours here, and we worry about elk, deer, and Oryx when we drive. I so dislike mountain driving in the fall...
I am glad kiddos are feeling better and I am so sorry you aren't.

Sorry for so many thoughts, your post is so filled with things!

ps you can use my post if you wish.

Feel better my friend,

Nancy J said...

Gayle, please send me your email ,and I will update you.We have had a worrying week, all is OK now, but I have only been looking,reading, and no comments until everything was Ok here at home. I am fine, Hugh is a lot better now, but I haven't done a post or put anything anywhere until I was sure I could.Maybe I will do a post tomorrow. Lovely to get your comment and now you care. You are on my dream list when I do the world blog travel.!!! Fond greetings from jean.

Patty said...

New puppy is adorable!

I hate the dark! I can work with the snow, its the dark that I have trouble with!