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The White House

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Freezing Football!

Yes, I really did spend a considerable amount of time picking up this, that and the other around the yard. I only took before photos and nothing "after" so I'll share all that tomorrow when I finish up. How can I have such beautiful flowers and we have "stuff" just piled everywhere?? 

Work was cut short by football. Tonight was the last home game of the season. It was Senior night... we have 26 Seniors. That does not look good for next season. Elijah did not play in the Junior Varsity game. The knee injury that he suffered last week and that he has been playing off, sucking it up and fooling everyone including his trainer is really worse than we knew. He runs with tremendous pain and limps yet he suited up for the Varsity game.

He was there to be the long snapper as he's the only one who has done it all season. He was in for a couple special team punts until the special teams coach finally realized what bad shape he was in and pulled him. I was relieved, but he never should have been playing in the first place. The trainer thinks it is his meniscus. We'll see the orthopedic doctor on Monday or Tuesday. I sure hope it isn't surgery-serious otherwise it will mess up basketball.

I hated watching him hobble off the field. He's definitely one tough kid.

We had to win tonight's game in order to make it to the play-offs. Top four teams go and we were sitting in 5th. If we won by 8 then we moved up to 3rd. Would you believe our guys pulled it off. This game was actually tied 21-21 in the 3rd. It was exciting for sure.

It was also cold. It was 37* at the start of the game and 34* by the time we left. There was also a breeze so it felt even colder. I froze and I still haven't warmed up 2 hours later! I should have had boots, hat and gloves. I did have long johns, two jackets and a blanket though.

Now that we made the play-offs that means another trip South this weekend to Anchorage. Guess I'd better get everything done before I go because the snow won't hold off forever. In fact, it is supposed to snow tonight, but not stick. Blah!


Janie said...

Brr, I'm cold just thinking about being out after dark in the cold! Hope you have fun at the playoffs.

Humble wife said...

Janine said what I was thinking BRRRRRR.. We are 57F now and the high should be around 90F today. I am not looking forward to the cold here. May you stay warm with hot chocolate and tons of marshmallows!!