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The White House

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Beds Are Done!!

Good morning! It's 33* this morning and I'm slow to get outside. Having some coffee and washing football gear. Elijah has (probably) his last game of football today. IF the team wins by 5 AND another team loses then we would continue on to the play-offs next week. That's a lot of ifs. Not sure how much Elijah will play today. His knee still hurts pretty bad. Not sure how much I'm looking forward to six hours of sitting in the stands especially with snow on its way tonight/tomorrow, but we moms do what we have to. 

I finished the last of the beds yesterday. Whew! That will make Spring so much more enjoyable. Darn voles. See the holes at the bottom and top of the photo?

I saw it and Millie was on the hunt, but it got away. I dug up these dahlia's and am going to try saving them again.

Cleaned under the lilac bush.

The yard was littered with leaves so I mowed it one last time and then ran the leaf blower over it and the sidewalks. I like to burn the lawn in the Spring and the leaves are stressful. They burst into flames and if there is a wind gust at that moment that could be carried into the trees. The fewer the better.

So much junk still sitting around (you can't even see it all in this photo). Used the 4-wheeler trailer to haul it down to the greenhouse. I have one more load this morning and then the front yard is D O N E!!

These six beds were a mess.

Even after pulling all the plants the beds were full of sticker bushes and trees. With two tree stumps right there I am going to battle this forever. I have several lilac bushes I started that were supposed to go out of the greenhouse a month ago, but I forgot. I'm going to put them in these beds and cross my fingers. If they make the winter then next Spring I will cover this with fabric and rocks like I did the rhododendron beds to lower my yearly maintenance. If they don't make it then I will purchase some in the Spring.

Some cranes finally leaving town. I think they are going to wish they had gone sooner.

I smoothed every bed and swept the rocks. Nice and tidy. I ran out of compost so three beds in the front, the six where I'll put lilacs and the long ditch bed were missed, but all the other flower and vegetable gardens got some of the good stuff.

My helper was at my side all day.

Love those piles and that The Great Hole has been filled in. It blocks the creepy neighbor across the street and the shop will do an even better job. Of course, he can still stop in the road to gawk, but he won't be able to stand in his yard bothering me.

The chickadees are busy, busy.

I'm amazed that for a sheep who does not like to be touched she will let me chain her up so easily. I do this when I take the gate off to go in and out with the 4-wheeler.
Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I'm over-doing it, that I know. The pinched nerves in my neck are really taking their toll on my arms and hands with numbness and pain. I'll fight through it a couple more days and then head to the chiropractor. Just think how much I'll appreciate feeling good. :)

As far as less gardening... can't imagine that, I want more! The reason is has become "too much" is all the extra... the building of stuff... the rocks on the pond, the revamp of beds, the new fire pit area... those things really take a lot of time and take me away from the basic clean-up chores. We just have a lot going on at once, but when it's done it should be manageable and if it isn't I will hire a kid to help me out in the Fall when time is limited.

Well.... as you know... I've got to run. :) Happy Saturday!


Nancy J said...

Hire a Kid?? that sounds like a great idea, but are you in Fall already? Snow, 1.5C, no wonder you get all those outside jobs done while it is still warm enough to work without more layers on. Yes, we bloggers tend to offer good suggestions, commiserate, and tell you whatever you really know already.I do like those lovely grey rocks, and a sheep that will be haltered!!! Greetings from Jean.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You got a lot accomplished Gayle. I know what you mean about wanting more, I am the same way, but am really trying to limit and work with what I already have. Hardscaping does take time and once you have all of these projects completed maybe it will be easier on you with the rest of it.

We have projects to work on too once DH is feeling up to it again. Finish the caravan, redo our bedroom. It all takes time.

I try not to stress over things and to go with the flow as much as possible.

Have a nice Sunday.

Humble wife said...

I love all your beds and the beautiful layout of your property!

Your helper is a sweetie and I am glad to see your sheep!