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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raingutter Regatta

Last night was Pack 92's Raingutter Regatta. It's been about 7 years since Nick last raced. Things are different in the Pack now with new leaders and people I don't know. It's okay, but not like it was. (Maybe it's me resisting change?). 

Lucas was so excited to race his boat. We talked about the Cub Scout Motto of  "Do Your Best!" and that it is not "Win!". He's a bit of a sore loser and I did not want to see him throw an embarrassing fit. Look at him go!

My Den has four boys. Here are two of the other's racing.

Jack, Jake, Lucas and Evyn.

This is Lucas racing Jack in the Championship for Tigers. Lucas got off to a bad start going a little crooked.

Jack's height advantage and blowing technique made all the difference and he won. Lucas didn't even upset. Later when Jack was awarded the flashlight and Lucas got a small patch he was bummed, but got over it quickly. Awesome!! Lucas' sail turned and now that we know to secure it he'll do even better next year! (Jack went on to get 2nd out of the whole Pack). 

All the boats.

 Three of my four Cubs were awarded their Bobcat Badge which is the first one you earn when you can demonstrate the salute, handshake, sign and say the motto and law. (It's a big deal).

Lucas got a certificate for "Most Artistic". He put some cool race car stickers on his boat.

Getting his awards.... (not super ceremonial like it was in the past when I was the one who organized the awards and Glenner.... a local radio host...was our Cubmaster. He and I made it a much bigger deal for the boys).

 He also received his patch for attending Council Rock, the over-night camp he went to with his dad. The white patch is for jumping in the lake when the temperatures were around 40* (can you imagine how cold that water was!). He was the only one of our Tigers to do it and he didn't cry like many of the shocked boys did. You can also see his Bobcat badge and Raingutter Regatta patch. He also earned his Marbles Belt Loop (not shown). 

I love our busy life, but it's events like this that put our building on hold. Tonight it will be trick-or-treating, but that's after the Fall Festival and Elijah's dental appointment. Go....go....go!

(If you read to the end you now know today is my 1300th post (love the world blogging has opened up for me) and the 6th Anniversary of my Divorce (that set me free) plus it's Halloween (and we all love candy) soooo... leave me a message about a Boy Scout experience in your life...or your lack of experience...or just comment on how darned cute Lucas is... I will randomly chose a winner and I will send you a little something Alaskan that I totally promise not to take two months..or put in the mail because of my horrible aversion to the post office. Pinky swear.).


gpc said...

Lucas IS darned cute! My favorite boy scout story is about the pack my son was in, when I was a newly single mom. His scout leader helped the boys make presents for their moms and showed up at 6 am on christmas morning (the boys promised him they'd be waiting quietly at the door, and my son was) so he could drop them off to the dad-less homes and have the single moms get a genuinely secret, surprise gift. I still cry thinking how proud my son was and how touched I was by that wonderful leader! And of course I still have the gifts.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, in 1986 Hugh and I were in the South Island camping at Lake Kaniere.We met another couple, and we lit a fire. The man told me he joined the Boy Scouts, for 3 days, the day he joined, the day of 'THE BONFIRE " and the day he left. We keep in touch occasionally after all those years.Well done, Lucas, it looks as though it is all in the lung power when you blow, great photos. Greetings from Jean. AOK here, no time for my own blog right now!!!

She Looks Like a Mom said...

Lucas is totally adorable! My Mom was a co-leader for my brother's troop, so I was dragged to all of the meetings and even got to go camping with them quite a few times. Then I would go to my Girl Scout meetings where all we did was talk and put some crafts together, and I felt like the Boy Scouts had it made, haha! Later on I joined a Boy Scout Explorer Search & Rescue post so I could go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. Yup, definitely more fun than crafts. :-)

Amanda said...

Lucas is totally cute!!!! I tried to like the picture in my reader!! I don't comment often, but I follow your adventures in my reader. You're an awesome mama, and I strive to be more like you!!! Have a great Halloween!!

Amanda said...

Gah....I lost my comment...or maybe you have hem set to review!! I hope so.....

Lori Skoog said...

Lucas and his pals are adorable. What a great project.

Mama Bean said...

Your blog is an example of everything blogging should be :) I didn't do scouts or guides, I did this Christian club called Pioneer girls, and I loved collecting all the badges :) Hope the winter isn't being too hard on y'all.

sue in mexico mo said...

Lucas is very cute! I admire you for all the work you do to give your children life experiences. I don't have a son, but my daughter was a girl scout for a long time. The only time I ever slept in a tent was at one of her girl scout campouts. It was not fun! :) It was many years ago and the girls were young teens. The boys found out where we were camping. . . Like I said, it was not a fun night! But I would give anything to do it all over again.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

My son didn't want to be a boy scout, but I was a girl scout - does that count for anything? :-) Lucas is totally adorable and congrats on his badges. But I am more impressed with how he is learning to be a gracious loser, which I think is more important than winning sometimes.