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The White House

Friday, November 2, 2012

Whew! What A Couple of Days!

Halloween.... after getting the kids off to school I was frantically making repairs to costumes of years past. Nick and I dropped them at the school and then went to the bank for cash and off Barnes & Noble. We sat by the fire, I ate Cheesy Tortilla Soup (from Starbucks...the best!), and we shared a piece of Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (also to die for). It was so awesome sitting so warm, acting all adult (as opposed to a mom of many who doesn't get to enjoy many moments like that). 

After our little get-away we stopped at the Fall Festival. Lucas as Picachu with his teacher. (She also taught Nick & Elijah).

He ran from Nick and I as fast as he could. He totally wants to go play games with his kids and NOT be with us.

Olivia was way too hot in her lion costume. She had the head piece off and it tied around her waist. Both are costumes I sewed for Nick when he was little. I used to sew a lot and always made very elaborate costumes. Now I get to recycle them! Her teacher is new to our school this year and so young (but awesome!).

Isn't the tail cool?

After the Festival we at McDonald's because it is fast. Then we met Elijah at the dentist so I could do the paperwork. Left him to get x-rays and his teeth cleaned while we went and picked up a PlayStation for Nick. Picked it up off a garage sale Facebook page. It was $20 with about 12 games. The lady could have gotten so much more for this old school system. Nick is into collecting one of everything. I think the old Nintendo 64's are his favorite. I'm going to try and pick up a Game Cube for Christmas.

Ran home to pick up Emily and off we went Trick-or-Treating. My camera died. My phone died. No photos of trudging up and down the streets, but I was also dressed in the same costume as Olivia (just bigger) 'cause I'm fun like that! :)  I can't believe how quickly these two gave up. I guess I think of them older than they are. Their haul fills two huge bowls. Bonus: We made it home in time to watch Survivor.

Today was another big busy day. Out the door and to the Girl Scout office to pick up Olivia a uniform for the pinning ceremony. Then a mad dash to Lucas' classroom where I sat with the kids so the teacher could have an hour lunch. Lucas was one of the "pencil sharpeners".

Oh my... I had forgotten how awful some children can be....and nasty, too. Amazing how a couple of 1st graders tried to con me like I was dumb. I told those kids that this was my 15th year as a parent at U-Park and all 8 of our kids attended 2-7 years there so I was pretty sure I knew what I was doing. LOL Besides being a mom I did attend 5.5 years of college to be a teacher so what they thought I couldn't handle I could in my sleep. Kids are funny. They'll try anything.

Next I sold "Smencils" or smelly pencils at lunch. One poor teacher was missing lunch to do it so I took over so she could eat. I will now sell for an hour on Wednesday's and half an hour on Thursdays (after I watch the class). Then it was out-the-door to Fred Meyer for carrots and dip for Girl Scouts. I stumbled across this.... already chopped onions and celery. I couldn't believe someone would pay $3.79 for that. Posted it on Facebook and sure enough I have friends who do. Crazy!

Then it was time to pick up Elijah for his doctor appointment. He got x-rays and the doctor confirms the fracture is healing. He is cleared to play basketball and if it hurts he's supposed to let it rest a couple more weeks. Ya, right. After that it was back to the school for the ceremony.

I think Olivia was wiped from Halloween. She just wasn't her happy self and just didn't seem like she was having fun. At the meeting we ironed on the patches she got (one in the middle and one at the bottom). She also got the pin on our right. (Note her glasses.... one lens fell out and has been lost for 3 days. Our insurance is screwed up and she currently doesn't have vision/dental so I have to straighten out that mess...had to cancel her 8:30 am dental appt. she has been wearing them like this. Tomorrow I had plans to go to Walmart and buy her another pair. Guess what? Found the lens in Lucas' bed tonight. Yay!!).

Plus the two patches on the back.

Emily is such a goof ball. She was dressing up out of the boxes of costumes.

Sophie in my lap and these two to my right. The life of a dog.

So I wrote all the names down of the comments. There were only 8.  Put them in a jar, swirled and swirled, and Mama Bean is the winner. I'll send you something from Alaska... not sure what, but something. :) Email your address to hgwhite@mosquitonet(dot)com. I promise to mail it within a week. Pinky swear. Really, I do.

I am exhausted. Running for two days. It's after midnight. I so wish I could sleep in, but instead 6:30 will come all too soon. I'm outta here..... Or not. Elijah got up out of a dead sleep. Chest pains. Throat hurts. I don't know what his deal is. See the Cardiologist in a week. Maybe a strep test tomorrow? Calming him is like calming a toddler, but I finally did. He's back asleep. Saying an extra prayer for my button man tonight. I've definitely earned my Mommy Badge over the last 17 years with this one. He's exhausting, gives me grief all day every day and I love him enough to give my life for him to be whole. *sigh* Tomorrow's another day.


Humble wife said...

First off...yay for finding the lens to the glasses!! Oh what a relief~~neat that Olivia is in scouting. I was a Brownie the Girl Scout. Loved both!

Emily is beautiful~ since I began reading your blog she has really grown into a young woman~funny I share this observation when she is dressed up, but I must share as she is so lovely!

I love the costumes. You are one creative woman! Amazing would work too.

As to old game systems, we had the original Nintendo then when we upped to the next system my mom asked for our Nintendo. When she died, she had the box with 50 games, paddles, and the complete Nintendo magazines from the inception for us! Oh I am not a gamer but I do Like a few of the old games!

And lastly-your post always make me feel like we are chatting, I have to say "Survivor!" wow~I forgot it may still be on. We used to watch it when we had cable(2004) but I havent thought of it in years. I loved the challenges and such and used the show as entertainment but also for the kids to see how foolish people are and how to act or react in urgent or difficult situations!

Way cool!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your NM friend,

Nancy J said...

When I read your words, I can almost believe I am up there with you all.I love the costumes, yes sewing them was what we Mums did then, and all too precious to ever throw away!!! And I thought my days were a bit too busy right now, you beat me by a mile or three or more!!!Hope the specialist's visit tells you what is wrong, always better to know even if it isn't what we want to hear.Greetings to all at TWH, from Jean.

Bonnie said...

That's what I get for when I miss reading your blog..I miss out on a draw!!

Busy life!!! I am in the same boat, I do lots which never rakes in any cash but totally love all that I do. Thankful I can be here for my kids and to help at their school. Thankful my husband encourages all of it too.

Take care Gayle!!

Mama Bean said...

I'm so tickled :) Did you get my email? I sent it a second time. Thanks for having a draw! I'm always so happy I found your blog - I don't even remember how...

grannyten said...

Gayle when we moved from Norfolk, VA to Beeville, TX in 1959 I got very sick while we were driving through Georgia. I was having chest pains and sore throat... found a Dr. who said I had strip throat and said children usually had those symptoms. Don't remember what he gave me but it took the pain away and gave me a "buzz". Also was an eye opener for me...the Dr. office had two waiting rooms, one for whites and one for "colored". Up until then I was very naive about discrimination. Living in Chewelah and no TV I was not aware of the "outside world"!

Patty said...

Nice to see the kids dressed up at school. NPE was not allowed to dress up. :(