The White House

The White House

Friday, October 26, 2012

Full Full Life

A few more from the birthday...

I'm telling you that fire was huge and hot. 

Emily also got some very nice gifts. Homer got her an Acer Netbook... lucky girl!

 She was too funny.

Look at Olivia's face. She was so excited to get her sister an expensive perfume (we had to smell them all in the store).

This is a panorama of the pool Homer took. (He didn't swim).

After the pool we took her out to dinner.

Tuesday I held a Den Meeting. We did opening ceremonies with the rest of the pack. Lucas led everyone in the Pledge. Then I completely forgot to take anymore photos. :( We had snack while talking about Food Guide Pyramid. Then they Then they drew foods on the Food Guide Plate (which is the "new" pyramid). After that we made scrapbooks from recycled cereal boxes. Each of the boys made one for their Halloween photos.

This is a rare sitting still moment. If I survive potty training this puppy I'll know I can do anything. Ug!

Tuesday Emily got her braces on. This is something that should have been started two years ago and she'd be done, but her father refused. She mentions it almost daily as she is so self-conscious about her bucked teeth. It was sad and we just couldn't wait for him to have a change of heart (which was never going to happen anyway) so Homer made the $1100 down payment and she's on the road to straighter teeth. She'll have them off before high school which is awesome! Can you see the grimace? They hurt so bad...poor thing...she'd stayed home Tues & Wed. This Thurs and Fri are teacher conferences so that will give her six days to adjust before she goes back to school.

Yesterday I talked to 8 teachers. (Too much talking). Olivia and Lucas got rave reviews and are doing excellent. They have S+ or H's in everything. Six of Emily's 7 teachers were there and they all love her, too. She has all A's and B's. So proud of those kids. Today I should go see Elijah's teachers, but I already talk to them so much it seems silly. 

My life is full for sure. Last night Nick had five buddies over to snowboard on the hill that Homer made. I don't think there is enough snow, but they didn't care. They raided the fridge as Nick didn't give me warning so I didn't have dinner for that many. I told the boys to let me know next time and I'll feed them. Love having a house full. For awhile there were 11 people scattered throughout the house and that is just our normal. 

Just because they are cute.

I was mad at this guy yesterday. He found a frozen dead vole  and ran from me so he could swallow it. In his tummy it warmed. I finally caught him and no more than got in the door and he threw it and guts up on my couch. Why the couch?

During the baseball game - go Giants - I shaved Sophie. I still need to finish her legs, but I am slow and she had enough. I nicked her ears three times. I felt horrible. Not as easy as it seems.

What else? Homer bought Elijah a cheap car. It's a much faster route than getting the other two running. Now the others can sit and wait until the shop is done where he can work inside. It did need a water pump replaced so he and Elijah have been working under the tent with a space heater for a couple nights. They should finish getting it back together tonight. I have to go to the DMV to switch the title. Blech. I don't want to leave the house. 

Another big deal... Elijah is having high blood pressure issues. Spent the other day at the clinic getting urine tests and EKG's done. His pressure? 155/89. Too high for a 17-year old athlete. Tests didn't show much except an occasional slowing of the heart beat. In Fairbanks we don't have cardiologists, but they do visit once a month from Anchorage. He'll see one in two weeks to try and figure this out. 

I was thinking the other day.... if I was one of those people... if I took away the kids, took away the medical, took away the animals, took away the drama... what exactly would I do with all my time? 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh, you'd be bored for sure! I Love your full and crazy house.

Nancy J said...

Emily, do you have bands as well? I know one girl who had braces and bands, if she laughed they popped off and flew across the classroom!!!Hang in there Elijah, it will get sorted. Gayle, no kids, no housework, no meals, sounds like no fun.Just lots of time to yourself and no-one to share it with. And all the others, Enjoy the snow slide. Greetings from Jean.

Humble wife said...

I have no answer to the last question...but I am slowly figuring it out, as my kids grow and move out.

I wonder what H is? I think I know s is satisfactory, but no clue on H!

The panorama is cool. Love it!

As to braces, we delayed to save and my daughter is 17. So your daughter may be embarrassed but life is not about worrying what the others think. I am thankful we can finally(soon) have enough to get her braces.

So snowboarding? hmmm, we hit 37F this am but are around 70F once again. It gets cold at night because the desert holds no heat. Well not your cold~yet, but we have been around -5 before. Not often but we have brrrrrr, AND me only owning 2 pair of socks!

Well I am off, because I have two sons basically moved out and I am sorting their rooms which have turned in to storage. I am busy thinking about a guest room~full size bed with a bunk bed, and a home workout area. I usually work out in my bedroom, but wow, so much space~I am busy filling my time!!

As always I enjoy my visits!

Signed~your desert dwelling bloggity friend