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The White House

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday Week

Wow... can't believe how long it has been since I blogged. Life gets busy sometimes. 

Friday night my brother stayed the night and we had halibut from Grandma Debbi, baked salmon and moose meatballs for dinner. 

While we visited the kids carved pumpkins.

Then on Saturday we took him back to his truck and he headed south. This will be his last load North until next summer. Sure wish we got to see each other more.

Then Saturday was the big day.... Emily's birthday sleepover. The six girls showed up at 3:00 pm. There was Wii dancing.

Of course, texting & facebook.... kids these days are always connected. I should have banned the phones from the party! LOL

Mandy actually watched the dancing on the television.

My friend Dorene and I just had a conversation the other day about matching socks. Apparently, mismatched socks are so popular that they actually sell them like this.

They played Twister, too.

The air hockey table got some use.

The girls were really funny dancing. Emily if asked me to join her which, honestly, felt pretty good. She hasn't hit the you-are-an-uncool-mom stage yet. I hope we never get there.

I'm totally loving the panorama option on my iPhone. How fun!

Later we had a big bonfire with all that brush I piled up this Fall.

It was huge and burned for two days! Seriously, look at the size of the marshmallow stick on the right.

When we threw on more logs it made awesome sparks 50-feet in the air.

At 2:00 am I gave up and went to bed. I guess the girls were up until 4:30 am. Ahhh, to be young again. On Sunday at 1:30 pm we went to the pool for the second half of her party. Unfortunately, only three more people showed up.... another 10 did not so we had a lot of cake left over.

Speaking of cake this was made by my friend The Cake Lady of Fairbanks. She's taken a chance leaving a job of 16-years to follow her dreams and open a cake business. This had pudding in the middle and was exceptionally moist.

I let Elijah get in the pool to bob around and shoot the ball, but wouldn't let him go off the diving board.

I even got in the pool which my fat ass usually doesn't, but what the hell. I want my kids to remember the mom "who did" not the mom "who didn't".

Homer took some photos of the flips off the board. I can't watch. I'm the mom that thinks everything is going to either break your neck or kill you.... and half the stuff my boy's do should. Boys are really dangerous.

This kid was beat. He's had a rough couple of weeks and been home from school a lot. He's seeing a dermatologist to get his face under control. He had to have a needle full of steroids shot into a cyst in his cheek the other day. He flinched. Said it was awful.

 My little girl is now 13th and the week+ celebration is finally over!

I'll have part two of my week tomorrow.....


Nancy J said...

Lovely photos, a truly wonderful family event in picture story reality. Look at Brother's Big Truck, where does he go south to? Emily, a special birthday, with a special Mum who does all things we Mums do and so much more.Lovely cake.Lovely panorama pics. Fond greetings from Jean.

Bonnie said...

Love that your a MOm who did! That deserves a post of its own. That cake is gorgeous, I love how high it is.

FlowerLady said...

What great photos showing a good time had by all.


Martha Kasper said...

I love the mismatched sock trend! I just throw them all in a drawer, because if I match them Tara unmatches them!!! Emily's cake was so bright and cheerful!! Yeah, kids are connected- I laugh when Tara's BFF is over, they sit watching movies, talking and on Tumblr and Twitter!!!