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The White House

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Caught a Cold

I finally updated my iPhone and I am in love with the panoramic option on the camera. The header photo is about 220*. I stood on the corner of the sidewalk, started the photo with what would have been over my left shoulder, scanned around the animal pens, pond, front yard and ended looking down the front of the house. I cannot wait to try this next summer. I want to stand on the roof and get the flower gardens all at once. 

You probably noticed the snow. We are officially in winter. I have been sick this week with yesterday being the worst (I can actually function this morning). I didn't go to town, but I hear the roads yesterday were awful with a lot of accidents. Not looking forward to the drive today. I am thankful my husband fixed the 4-wheel drive on my truck a couple of weeks ago. (It needed a new drive shaft...he's so handy!). 

The last few days before it snowed I was working on cleaning this area. I want to extend the lawn up the hill and to the edge of the property. Lots of willow needs cut and hauled away. I put it in a big pile for a bon fire for Emily's party Saturday night. Fall is the best time because the leaves have fallen and it's easier to work through.

The debris in the ditch is from the trees we cut down last year for the satellite dish that never came. Still very unhappy about that whole ordeal. Unfortunately, the stuff in the ditch is still there. I got everything to the left and then Monday it snowed. I was too sick to work anyhow.

There are lots of piles like this around the property that drive me nuts (it's bigger than it looks in the photo). The previous owner or the electric company cut trees and piled them rather than hauling it away. I got this spot mostly cleaned up.

I spent some time teaching Mandy to ride on the 4-wheeler. She looks so big in this photo, but really isn't.

All this brush was trailer load after trailer load, but I am so pleased to have it gone.

It was very thick, but with it cleared Homer can dump some dirt there in the Spring and I can plant the grass. :) There are so many trees that are down that I didn't get to, but I suppose it will all be there in the Spring waiting.

 Bird dog in training! :)

I'm not a big fan of homework so on Monday we sat right down and got it all done so we don't have to think about it all week.

 This morning before catching the bus....

I've got to get rolling. Cub Scouts today and I haven't planned my meeting. Doctor appointment for Elijah and then there is always the house.... still working on emptying out the kitchen and living room where Emily will have a bunch of teens come spend the night Saturday. Will I make it? 


sue in mexico mo said...

That snow is very depressing. . I am not looking forward to winter.

Nancy J said...

WOW!!! Your header photo is super. And Lucas all set for school, Olivia in my fav colours !!the girls, Mandy trail riding next time..., Emily all grown up, the firewood, it seems only last week we were looking at flowers.Take care,maybe listen to what others have been telling me, we girls do cope and keep on keeping on whatever. your weather, maximum this week is -1C, coldest is -12C. I am struggling to imagine how cold that feels!! Fond greetings, Jean. Loved your email, ta so so much.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Here's a thought - maybe you can get a wood chipper and just feed all the branches and smaller wood chunks thru the chipper? Then you wouldn't have to haul all the logs around and Homer could just dump fresh dirt over the wood chips. Just an idea, I don't know if it would work.

sandy said...

gayle,,just saw an ad,,,dish is now doing high speed internet thru the same dish and setup that a person gets when they get dish tv,,,don't know what satellite company you tried before,,,my brother just had his dish put on the top of his house,,has worked good for years,,,thought of you and your slow internet when i saw the ad,,don't even know if dish is in fairbanks