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The White House

Friday, September 14, 2012

Snowflakes In My Eye

The other day I made 15.5 pints of salsa and 10.5 quarts of pickles. I should be canning more, but am outside racing against Mother Nature. She is spitting snow on me this morning. It isn't sticking, but it hit me in the eye. Nice.

Wednesday night no work was done. Papa Doug and Granma Claudia stopped by for a couple of hours for their bi-yearly brief visit. They are on their way back to Oregon.

I take photos of the kids almost every morning. I want to make a 180 Days of School scrapbook. I think I've spaced 3 out of 18 days so far.

Picked another batch of carrots. I wish everyone would eat them. I am going to shred and freeze, but I wonder why. Never even used up last years. There is still one more bed to pick. I don't think I should plant so many next year.

I am working at cleaning, but sometimes fun or life trumps work. Last night I watched the Packers play and visited my niece. Tonight Elijah has football. Oh my it is going to be cold sitting in the stands. I took this shot yesterday after I had already done a bunch of work. Stay tuned for the finished shot.

These are 20 foot beds....too much!

Finished mowing the lawn yesterday as well. Still need to do the ditch and then I want to try out my aerator thing I got that goes on my rototiller.

Here's my horseradish. I am leaving it until Spring I guess. If anyone has experience I'd appreciate you telling me what to do. All the Internet information is confusing me.

Beautiful. Wish it stayed like this far a couple of months. Fall goes very quickly here.

I had Geraniums to give away. Even offered to deliver them, but didn't have any takers. I don't have any windows so I'm just going to put them in the compost bin.

I've been trying to take before and after photos. Progress stopped here. Homer actually (shock) took a couple days off of work. He said it was "to get some things done around the house". The reality is he just took my 4-wheeler and went hunting with Cody. I cleaned the vegetable beds the hard way using a wheelbarrow, but this area is too far from the compost bins. It will have to wait until my 4-wheeler comes back.

Millie is right at my side the whole time.
Well, this was my quick pause to drink a cup of coffee and warm up. I've only got 2.5 hours left to work then it's shower, pick up Olivia and Lucas and get to the football game. Hope we don't freeze to the bleachers.... six hours is a long time to sit there.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I used to grow horseradish. I just cut it back and left it in the ground and it would grow back the next year. It was really invasive and after 3 years I ripped it out and it still kept coming back here and there for years.

I also cut back geraniums, took them out of the pots, placed them in paper bags and hung them in my shed until the next spring. Then I'd replant them and sometimes they came back.

However, your winters are way colder than what we get in Chicago, so I don't know if any of the above will work for you. Ok, now you're probably more confused. LOL!

Humble wife said...

So many thoughts after your post! First- I love the 180 day photo idea~how fun, especially for the little ones as they grow so fast.

Second-wow, your soil is so rich! I am a tad jealous...and am so happy to enjoy your beautiful soil!

Third, suppose you make juice with your veggies(carrots)? You could freeze the juice and use it as a stock for a stew, or as a base for a delicious smoothie? Carrots with the sugars are great in smoothies.

Fourth- I am so inspired by your gardens,your yard, your greenhouse I have no words...

And finally~How did I miss Millie in reading your blog. I know I have seen her, but perhaps ignored her name. I am happy we both have a Millie as a dog~ another thing in common I suppose.

Take care my friend, and I am excited to think about your 180 idea, it would be cool to do a slide show of the photos-you know the kind-free on line!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you haven't already pitched your geraniums. Pull them, trim back the green about halfway or so, shake off the dirt, wrap in newspaper, pack in cardboard boxes (not too tightly) and stack the boxes in a cool dark area. You don't want them to freeze, you just want them to go dormant by being quite cool. Check them over once or twice a month to weed out any that go soft and yucky. In the spring - maybe a month or two before you plant them out - get them into pots and starting warming them up and giving them light. I don't always have luck, but when it does work you'll have a great headstart on the season. Good luck. Chris S.

Nancy J said...

I can't remember if I did a comment this morning, maybe not as my antivirus was not working. Snow already, it seems such a short while since you showed us the first flowers. Love the big rocks around the gardens. Cheers from Jean.