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The White House

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cleaning Beds

On Monday it wasn't raining, but it was cold. Over the weekend while I was away my flowers died. I'm sad that I didn't get one last photo. Now it's a race against the clock and all my other responsibilities to get things ready for winter. I started with the dahlia bed. I dug up the tubers although many of the plants didn't form any. I'm going to try my luck at storage again (if you've been here long you know I failed miserably before). 
 I clean out the beds and then till them. I like to have everything ready for Spring planting if possible. I didn't get them all done last year and it's not fun to start off summer gardening with a mess.
 Here's the tubers from that bed. I still have another bed by the pond.
 It was cold. My toes were freezing in my rubber boots and I had to wear a coat. Funny thing is that in May we'll be outside in shorts at this temperature. It's a relative to the seasons.
 This bed has been completely eaten by the moose, but there were still the root balls to dig up.

 Millie thought she'd help.

 Look what was under that mess.... some perennials. Couldn't even see them all summer.
 Millie smelled a vole. She was lightening fast in catching it and then proceeded to eat it which was kind of gross.
 The Impatiens that I was going to give away until the moose mowed them down.

 I picked a teeny bit of cilantro and tossed it in my salsa. Hopefully, I do better with the herbs next summer.
 I still have all my pots/flats to bleach and wash. Why didn't I do this when it was warm?
 I need to drain the pool as well. So many things to do.
 I hauled the flowers to the compost bin and loaded up some compost for the vegetable beds. Cleaning, dumping, shoveling, tilling, raking. It all takes so long. Progress is very slow for one person.
 After it is cleaned and tilled I put a 2-3 inch layer of compost and gently rake it in the top. This bed is ready to be planted in the Spring.
 Emily picked some Nasturtium Pods for me and I'm attempting to make California Capers. I've never actually eaten a caper, but I like to make new things so I went for it.
 I pulled the rest of the carrots in one of the beds, but probably should have left them. The kids only seem to eat them if they are picked fresh.
 Fall is in full swing. Snow is falling in the mountains. Hopefully it doesn't reach us for a couple more weeks. I've got a lot to do and Homer is still trying to get the shop up.
Well, I've paused long enough. Tuesday was a bust for me. I spent the entire day organizing and planning for my Cub Scout meeting. Being a leader for Lucas' Den isn't what I need on my plate right now, but it was either do it or there would not be a Den. I want to get out and mow, but have to tidy a little. My in-laws are stopping for a visit on their way back to Oregon. We only see them for a few hours twice a year and tonight is the night.


Mama Bean said...

Your carrots are beautiful! You work so hard, I hope you can see it pays off. Those beds look beautiful and healthy for spring planting :)

Nancy J said...

With all that hard work, I hope the snow and frost keep all weeds away till spring. Yes at our 5Celsius, that is so cold, and gumboots are not warm.I have sneaker/trainer foot liners in mine, without that and thicker merino wool socks that come to my knees, my feet would freeze too.Your quad, is that what you call the 4WD? and the trailer are great, you,like me, would not manage without them.Greetings from Jean

Lori Skoog said...

Gorgeous carrots and you do a beautiful job preparing your gardens. Big kudos to you!