The White House

The White House

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don't have much in the way of photos today. I think my arms were too tired to lift the camera. I packed buckets of rocks around the vegetable gardens. It looks so much nicer and I'm glad I decided to make the change, but I wish it was done already. My back is killing me and is now pinching a nerve causing painful numbing in my arms when I lay down. Neat. 

Besides packing rocks I worked on the house. Doesn't look like I did much and what I did do is already messed up. I don't really like housework.

We picked the jalapenos and I made the juice for Jalapeno Jelly, but didn't have time to process it before we had to be out the door to a meeting last night. 

We went down to the school to sign Lucas up for Boy Scouts. Nick was in Scouting all his elementary years and we had such fun. Elijah only did it in First Grade and I was his Den leader. I think there were 12 boys... entirely too many! He didn't like it so much and quit. So here we are, ten years later, signing up another son. And you guessed, I'm the leader. I absolutely did not want to take this on as it is a commitment for as long as he is in scouting, but it was either step up or not do it. There are only 3 boys and the other two families weren't going to lead. Sigh. Now I really am going to have to get myself organized. 

Elijah, Olivia and Lucas are off to school. Time to take Emily. I haven't been going to the gym like I was. I just have too many things I have to get done at home before winter and I need those extra hours. See ya!


Nancy J said...

Your days are getting colder, and I see on the net so many trees showing true autumn colours.The garden produce is so much, in the winter it will be so good to have. Cheers,Jean.

Anonymous said...

You should use a wheelbarrow to move those rocks then you don't have to lift heavy buckets.
Your yard is spectacular!

Holly said...

Sounds like you are busy enough at the moment without heading to the gym...once this burst of late-harvesting and back-to-school is over, you'll get back into the habit again, I'm sure :) Love seeing all the produce from your garden, and it has looked fabulous all summer.

Janie said...

Good luck with the cub scouts. I was a leader for my sons' groups, over 20 years ago now. We had a lot of fun.