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The White House

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Weekend Work

What a day yesterday was. Really tried to get a lot done and know that I need to push it the next few weeks if I want to be ready for winter. I picked 6 cups of Nasturtium leaves for pesto.

About 6 pounds of Swiss Chard leaves were picked and washed individually. So slow! Froze 87 cubes yesterday and am finishing up this morning as I ran out of trays.

Olivia helped me pick 7 pounds of Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes. Most were cut in half and put into the dehydrator. Makes them kind of like sweet little raisins that I can toss into pasta dishes.

Since it wasn't raining we dug up the onions as well. I have them all hanging and will weigh after they dry a few days. 

I finally got sick of being in the kitchen and decided to pack rocks. I still have that lovely pile staring at me. The idea here is to build a retaining wall on the edge of the green bank. Then fill it in with dirt, cover with fabric and then fill with rock. I will then be able to set pots of shade flowers in this area. The rock pile will get spread about 4 inches deep to match the concrete and that's where the fire pit will go. 

I packed about 20 half-full buckets of rock (pick out the bigger ones) over to the pond to fill in the cracks between the big rocks. (Forgot to get a photo). Then I decided since I have so much I wanted to spread it between the garden beds.These are 1-3 inch clean rocks. The current path is gravel. 

I packed bucket after bucket spreading it about three inches deep. I think it looks much better. I'll put the big rock that we have along the edge and then plants grass. I packed until my back could take no more and will try to do some today (although I have to tidy my house because my MIL might be on her way through town). I would be awesome to finish this space before winter.

Millie ran until she wore herself out while I worked.

We had a good carrot crop, but it is the one thing that never got weighed. They get pulled at eaten before they make the house.

Homer hauled for two days and extra late last night. He's really hoping to be able to put the shop up so it's ready to be worked on in the Spring. When he stopped hauling he went to the neighbors to spread the dirt he had hauled him. The boys went down, too, to help move a boiler. So much to do, so little time.

Emily got to stay over last night as her dad was out-of-town and her SM wanted to go out with friends. It was nice having her here unscheduled. We sat by the fire awhile and then watched a movie. 
Okay. The pesto is blended so I'd better get it in the freezer. I see sunshine outside so spending much time on my filthy house probably isn't going to happen. :) I need to prepare for winter. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. For some people they are to camp or relax... for us they mean work at home, but I still enjoyed it.


Nancy J said...

The rock path looks great, and we also put bigger rocks/stones round the edges, it stops the dirt leaking into the lawn or path.By the time winter comes, you must surely have lots in the jars, pantry and freezer. Much hard work, but lovely to open on a freezing winter day.Cheers, Jean

Humble wife said...

Oh I LOVE your gardens! I aspire to have a place outside that looks so lovely and know someday of an actual goal thanks to you sharing your place.

Love the pesto idea.

YOU are busy as are we-storing up the harvest!

Take care my friend,