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The White House

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Bits of Summer

A week ago Sunday Lucas and I picked Olivia up from a sleepover birthday party and went to the greenhouse. I was looking for some Norway Pine to plant in the yard, but they were more than I wanted to spend. Instead they had smoothies and we enjoyed what has turned out to be the last fairly warm day. 

They have a large selection of bushes and trees, but they are pricey. Would you spend $100 on a 4-ft tree?

 They have a little bridge over a little bit of water. We thought it would be neat to incorporate this into our Koi pond (that obviously isn't happening this year).
I traveled to Anchorage again this past weekend and would love to go back to this day and the little bit of heat the sun was giving us. It was 28* this morning and my gardens are frozen. I have a horrendous amount of work to do before winter sets in and I hear it is snowing 200 miles east of here. I've better get crackin'!


Nancy J said...

Snow here too in the far south and closer in the Central Plateau.Love the bridge and the Smoothies!! Enjoy what is left of your short summer.Cheers from Jean

Lori Skoog said...


sue in mexico mo said...

Your beautiful gardens are frozen! That is very depressing. You work so hard for such a short time of enjoyment. This summer has not been good for gardening here in Misouri due to extreme heat and no rain. Gardening is a challange no matter where you live, I guess. . .