The White House

The White House

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Busy!!

Autumn is upon us and Winter is around the corner. With school in full swing and sports I am frustrated like crazy. I have so many things to do and they aren't getting done.

Olivia loves to help me with cooking and gardening. Quite sure she'll be the same way about sewing (if my craft room ever gets built). We made stuffed bell peppers for Dad.

It's literally raining Sweet 100's in my greenhouse. Just can't keep up with the picking and eating.

There's that tent I told you about. Completely asinine that it is put up right where we need to put fill for the shop and it's covering two snow machines that could easily just be under a tarp, but what do I know?

Olivia and Emily helped me pick all the peas. Things are dying with the cool nights so I'm trying to harvest what I can (again, I need more hours).

Such a cute, silly boy.

And another photo of Tweeters just because she's so darn cute.

Millie wore herself out running around the yard.

Can you wear a hard hat over dreads? Barely! If he gets the new job at the gold mine Cody is working at he'll have to wear it.


Nancy J said...

I can see your days are cooler, is Emily wearing a long sleeved top?? that looks very cosy.Hope the produce gets harvested, it is so good in the winter to eat all those goodies, and realise/know/tell everyone/heap praise on yourself/etc.etc. how much hard work went into puiting them onto the table.Love the dreads, they will keep your head warm!! Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

As always, your kids are all so cute!

Janie said...

The stuffed peppers look heavenly, and I love the pics of your cute kids helping in the garden.

Delaware County Master Gardener Associaton said...

I absolutely covet your greenhouse! Are you able to keep it warm enough in there over winter to grow anything? Here in Ohio (zone 6) greenhouse heating isn't usually much of a problem--I would imagine it's a little different in Alaska! Great blog and LOVE your gardens! Stephen@DelCoMG