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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shoo Moose!!

The flower garden photos are from a few days ago when we actually had a little sun. I was busy and didn't really get to enjoy it, but I did take some photos of my embarrassingly uncut lawn. 

 The moose had eaten a few Impatiens. The flowers I spent 7 months caring for and had planned to give to friends. I asked my husband to please move Millie to the front yard. That way she could alert me when a moose came in the night. He did not.
 The moose came back.
 My beautiful flowers before.... they were almost up to my waist.
 ...and after she came back. I was very very angry and don't want to talk about it anymore. Millie is in the front now, but it's too late.
 I spent two days working on paperwork for Trudy. I was glad to be able to help her, but cooking for everyone, helping with homework, laundry, cleaning and trying to harvest my vegetables really took it's toll on my (and my attitude). Cody did get my old 4-wheeler running while they were here for two days so that was a bonus to the chaos. It will be nice to be able to go riding with Emily now.
 Nevaeh is sure getting big. She rolls over now. Grandma got her a new toy, but I was gone to Palmer and she hasn't see it yet.
Elijah had football games down South. Palmer is about 50 miles before Anchorage. Up too late Thursday night (as usual) and off Friday morning (I took Sophie for company). Watched two football games, hung out with the team in the school, slept in the back seat of my truck (and got cold when it dropped to 45* in the middle of the night and had to start it for awhile), got up when I was still tired and drove home (Elijah kept me company slept all the way back as it is much quicker to go with me than ride the bus). It was a 670 mile two-day excursion without much sleep in the rain and wind. It's a repeat event next Saturday, but I think I'll be skipping that one. There's only one game (no JV) and seriously, it is going to snow any day and I have a lot a lot to do around here. I mean, in five weeks I've driven down there three times!

I took some photos through the window of all the fall colors to share with you. Pathetic. I had intended on stopping a lot and really getting a nice photo, but with tourist motor homes, hunters with trailers and holiday travelers the traffic was insane. There's not a lot of places to pass on our windy roads and I had to work hard to get around slow pokes. I definitely wasn't stopping so they could pass me again. (It's 65 mph on much of the road, but they travel 50-55... I like to go 70). Anyhow, I'll share the trip photos with you tomorrow. It's 9:00pm, I'm making jelly and I'm really tired. Night!


Nancy J said...

45 F, way, way ,too cold, you need to take thermals, merino, extra fleece blanket, thermos of hot coffee, not to mention hat and gloves.!!! Be prepared,have you ever been caught out in really cold weather? So sorry about the flowers, they were so tall and lovely.Waiting for tomorrow's photos. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That's really a shame about your beautiful flowers. It's hard for me to wrap my head around SNOW already. It amazes me how early you get it there.

Mama Bean said...

Oh your flowers were so beautiful! Darn moose!!