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The White House

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainy Days

I should have mowed my lawn on Friday. Not sure when I would have fit it in, but now it's going to rain, rain, rain. In between showers yesterday Olivia and I dug up the garlic. I need to start cleaning out the beds that are ready. This has been a lousy Summer and early Fall. We expect an early Winter as well. I'm sure to be caught with a lot not done.

We picked some cucumbers as well for pickles. There are still so many more out there.

Every time I go in the greenhouse there are more cantaloupe on the ground. I don't know where they are coming from as the ones I'm watching are still hanging?!!

We picked 15 pounds. All these should have been harvested when they were much smaller for a more crunchy pickle, but Olivia likes them so I guess I get more this way.

I made 15 quarts of dill pickles and 9 pints of rose petal jelly. That consumed most of my day. Wish I could do this stuff faster.

We also picked a bowl full of tomatoes... Cherokee Purple, Early Girl and Super Sweet 100's. They all we into the dehydrator.

Friday night Emily had a friend go with her to the football game and then spend the night. Yesterday she was off to a birthday sleepover. She's in Middle School and her social life is about to explode on me. Elijah just started driving where I don't have to take him to meet friends, but she is filling that void. Then the timing will be just perfect when she starts driving to me hauling Olivia and her friends around. I guess I have another ten years of "play dates" LOL. 

Yesterday I made beef stew and a fruit salad from the cantaloupe and strawberries in my gardens.

Last night this "posy sniffer" as my husband called her was hanging in the front of the house.

She came back over to nibble on my trees. (I had a hard time getting a good photo...all the batteries in the cameras went dead!).

See where she is? Dead center of this photo. I was standing on the steps out front.

Apparently it rained all night and it is raining now. The seven-day forecast says rain. All the things that should have gotten done (like moving rocks, gathering/splitting wood) will now be done in the rain. I just want to curl up under a blanket and knit. Not an option. Time to get to it and be miserable. Hope the sun is shining where you are.

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Nancy J said...

Hi Gayle, we have no sun, forecast is for rain, and we have a huge outside job to do this week, reline the goldfish pond, move ROCKS, yes I now realise how hard that is when I see all your hundreds of them. Roll on the days when family can transport themselves.Cheers from Jean.