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The White House

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Internet is Still SLOW

My level of frustration with the Internet knows no bounds. I will be calling to argue with someone again today. I don't care if the computer 400 miles away is saying I have great service, the computer I am sitting in front of will not load 80% of the time and when it does load a page it is s.l.o.w. It's ruined blogging and facebook completely.

BTW this is my second time doing this post. Live Writer will not load so I am using blogger and loading one photo at a time. I can't sit around like this.

Saturday was our 5th Anniversary. Last year I spent our anniversary at the hospital in Anchorage caring for Elijah. This year I spent it in Anchorage shopping with Emily. Hopefully next year we will spend it together. When I came home Homer gave me this battery operated chain saw. I love it!! The sheer loudest of a chain saw keeps me from running one, but this is quiet, light and manageable. Homer works entirely too much to be cutting up all the fallen trees and the boys are not helping so this is perfect for me to chip away at it. I run it a little each morning until my back hurts. I may be slow, but I get there eventually.

Monday I split and stacked the wood Emily and I hauled before we left.I can't believe it took a couple of hours. 

Next I spent 1.5 hours cleaning the pool. Then Olivia got in and floated around while I spent another two hours mowing. 
The day was pretty much over after all that and I didn't get near enough done. Seems like that's how it always is. 

Tuesday we had a bunch of family for dinner...Tisha, Jadyn, Justise (and her friend), Cody, Trudy, Nevaeh and Asa. I made fried chicken and potato salad. The kids did a lot of swimming and we chilled by the fire.

 Cody relaxing in the hammock...

Not the best photo of baby as she was hungry, but it's the only one I have of her with Grandma.

 Fed and asleep in my niece's arms.
 And back awake and happy....
Wednesday was a bad day with Elijah. Not really wanting to go into details, but I spent at least 4 hours crying. I'm exhausted today and my eyes are toast. Hoping things are better today. Cody & them came up again last night for dinner, but after my horrible day I wasn't taking photos. I think we might see them again tonight. 

I've spent an hour on pool maintenance this morning. It's sketchy as we got the cleaner after it was pretty bad, but it's no different than going to the lake so the kids are still swimming. I want to see if I can get them wet suits otherwise this is it. The weather/water is just too cool. With a wet suit they could get another 4-5 weeks. I honestly could curl up and sleep all day, but I'll keep plugging along. That's what us mom's do. Next up....complaining to the phone company and cutting wood. :)


Nancy J said...

How cold is the water now? Slow internet, I'll email you with what I did, as mine was slow also on blogger especially. Cheers, Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I had a similar problem not long ago and Comcast insisted that my modem was working fine. I had a computer guy come look at my modem and all he did was reset it and my router and now they are working fine. I don't know if that will help you or not but you can try.

anymommy said...

Cuties. We had internet like that on Saipan, it about killed me. Hope that Elijah is taking better care of his momma today.

Patty said...

I H.A.T.E when my computer does that. Drives me crazy.
Turning your fountain into a pool was the best idea ever!
Congrats on the anniversary. Seems like we were just celebrating in your beautiful yard.
Elijah. Elijah! GOd gave him to you for a reason