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The White House

Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Football

"Real life" around here is pretty tough right now. Not something I can discuss, but guidance and clarity prayers for our family would be appreciated. 

Now photos from our "fake life" .... LOL. 

Homer took his daughter Sydney out to dinner the other night and then she came for a visit afterwards. We hit plastic balls in the yard. Aren't we classy? Lucas and Olivia barefoot in pajama bottoms, my husband with holes in the knees of his pants.

I think Sydney's holes are on purpose. :)

They even went in the pool. It was so cold and windy out, but you can see I picked up wet suits earlier that day. They are half off! I wish they had long legs and sleeves, but they were still warmer.

I believe it was Jean that asked about the water temperature so Olivia took it to show you... wasn't quite 64*F. Told you I had tough kids.

 Flying through the air!

 She was trying to pick up Lucas onto the air mattress and they were laughing so hard.

 Today was the High School Football Jamboree. I found out last night at 10:30pm when Elijah asked me to put his belt in his pants. Nice. It was cool and misty, but the little ones did really good sitting in the bleachers for 4 hours bored to death.
Elijah plays wide receiver on the Varsity except that we didn't throw the ball today because our 'throwing' quarterback was sick and didn't show up. That's Elijah second from the right.

They played 30 minutes of varsity, then 30 minutes of JV. Apparently Elijah plays on both teams...and on the JV he played both offense and defense. The kid with the tremendous athletic ability who is trying everything he can to screw up his life. There are probably 80 boys on our team. So many of them never even touched the field. He played 3 out of 4 groups. I felt bad. He was wearing 88 on JV and is making the tackle here.
Then he changed jersey's back to Varsity. That's how the day went.

 He was number one on Varsity. He's picking this kid up and throwing him down. I prefer basketball.
 I'm tired. I have a lot going on in my head and heart. I'm tired. (I said that already) I woke up at 4:00am and couldn't go back to sleep. Olivia and I picked a bunch of cucumbers when we got home. Some are sliced and soaking. There are still a lot more in the greenhouse.
The kids and I went for a short 4-wheeler ride looking for blueberries and didn't find any. Now I am putting in the yard digging for rocks in the dirt pile to finish one of my garden beds. I just paused to finish this post. Homer is watching a movie with Olivia and Lucas. I have to keep busy so I don't think too much. Tomorrow  is a new day. We are supposed to see the sun. Wouldn't that be nice? 


Nancy J said...

Water so cold it would
... quote from my Dad ...
" Freeze the tits off a frog!!!"
Olivia and all, you take the cake for endurance. That is only 18 Celsius, and our public pools run at about 27 Celsius.!! Gayle ,hang in there, many loving and caring thoughts coming to you, it must be so bad when you cannot put the words on your blog.Like KB, keep on letting us all know when times are tough, even when we are so far away, troubles shared are so much better than kept to yourself.
Greetings from Jean in NZ where we swim in warm water!!

Patty said...

Prayers Gayle!