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The White House

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Girl's Weekend

On Friday morning Emily and I hit the road in I only had about 4 hours of sleep. Ug!! We drove until Mt. McKinley and then stretched our legs. It's not too often the mountain isn't under cloud cover.

 This is the view between Wasilla and Anchorage. Just beautiful.

 When we stopped for snacks we saw a goat riding in the front seat. The dogs were in the back. :)

I had a traumatic experience driving to the top of the parking garage. It was crowded and I am claustrophobic. By the time we reached the top I was in tears. That panicky feeling that I can't escape did me in. I was fine once we were in the open. We parked on the street the second day.
The flowers in downtown Anchorage are stunning.
We immediately got to shopping after all that's what this was.... a girl-time trip to shop! (Something Emily and I have never got to do). We had too much fun with the funny mirror in the dressing room.
Dinner was at Humpy's and Emily nachos were to die for. 
 Saturday was all about shopping some more! :) We really had a lot of fun.

 Lunch was at Red Robin's and we both had awesome chicken salads.
 We stopped by the dog pound and were surprised at how few animals there were. We did a lot of walking around downtown rather than go to the movies which we can do at home. Then we walked down to the mud flats in the inlet.

 We even caught the tail end of what I think was probably a pretty big street fair. Next time we need to see what's going on so we don't miss it. The Thunderbirds (Air Force air show) were doing two days of show at Eielson, but Emily did not want to go. Her dad made her go a couple of years ago and she said she hated it. Kids! I guess it was record turn-outs and that traffic was backed up 3 miles with it taking 3.5 hours to go that distance. Apparently many were turned around at the gate as all the 13,000 parking spots were full. I'm glad I listened to her and we skipped it. Spending all day in a hot car sitting in traffic would have ruined our trip.

 Back at The Anderson's.... John and Dorene and their girls Stephanie and Jessika are probably the kindest, most generous family you can ever meet. Emily and I kicked back watching the Olympics and really felt comfortable. We are so grateful for being able to stay in their home. (Dorene and the girls had left to go kayaking and John was asleep by the time we got in).
We were on the road by 6:45am and it wasn't too bad of a drive. We pulled over once and I caught a 45-minute nap. At home I got to work on a few of the flower beds. They have been choked out by the weeds. I am going to have to mulch next year as I just don't have the time to take care of them. Chickweed is awful!
Isn't the difference shocking?
Rusty posed by the beds to give you a size reference. I think they are far bigger than they look in photos. (Impatiens)
(Wave Petunias)
Funny...when I planted this bed it was supposed to be white and the flower below. Apparently I mislabeled and they are all red!
(Tidal Wave Petunias)
I renewed my newspaper subscription. Although you can read it free online I never did so I have been "in the dark" the last 6 months. When I almost missed the parade I decided it was time to get the paper again. Last week I was doing this in the morning and it was nice. I need to do that again because my Internet that is so spotty and slow is causing me anxiety. I need to walk away from the computer... how did we survive before the web?
Last week Emily and I hauled wood from the backside of the Great Hole. Do you see how far down it is? 
He's hauled 900 yards of fill so far. Still a long way to go.

If I can get this to post maybe I will get caught up! :)


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like you and Em had a great time!! Can't wait til October when my girl and I get to spend a week on the beach together!! Just girl time! We've been so busy this summer with the horses, and it's really a drag in the heat. School starts next week, with registration and orientation this week. I think we are both ready to get back into a routine. But I think our horses will miss spending so much time with us!! By the time Fall Break gets here we will be ready to escape to island time!!
BTW, your flowers look great!! We can't keep them alive in the summer heat here!!

Nancy J said...

Wonderful for you and Emily to have "girlie" time out.Mt McKinley looks great ( years ago our older daughter visited there on a USA motorbike trip), parking at the top, I would be the same!!! The hole is filling up so well, and yes, your post was posted!!! I love the wave petunias, your garden looks so good, and down here in NZ, we get chick weed too, so thick it smothers the other plants, the only good thing, it pulls out easily.Cheers, Jean