The White House

The White House

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Time

(I am doing catch-up posts so you should start with the soccer one below).

Thursday? I have no idea what we did. On Friday we worked around the yard and house trying to get as much done as possible before going to Anchorage Friday morning. Emily did her favorite thing….NOT! She helped me weed.
Olivia worked in the greenhouse. We got the entire yard watered (I was out doing it until 2:00am!).

 My cantaloupe.
 Bell Peppers.

 That evening Cody, Trudy and Nevaeh came up to visit.

 Nice family photo, but obviously I should have moved them into full shade or full sun.
 Nevaeh was captivated by the flowers.

 She wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot, but I finally did get one smile.
 Then she was done. :)
 Love my boy!

 Of course we made a fire.

 Cody played Frisbee with Lucas.
 After they left I did a photo shoot with Emily. I wish I knew how to take more professional photos because it is such a beautiful setting. I also wish I’d take the time to get all the hairs/spots cleaned out of the camera. (Oh…as you can see it did dry out and start working again).

 Then Lucas asked me to do one of him. Too cute.

Apparently someone in the house is sucking the Internet because my first post (below) has been trying to load for over an hour now. The technician did say that I have pretty slow Internet… maybe it’s even slower now because it wasn’t this bad before. Drives me nuts especially after going to Anchorage and seeing just how fast my iPhone can work.
Well…back to chores. I’ll do another catch up post later.
(I have hit the publish button for 24 hours…I am so frustrated. If it ever posts I’ll be shocked. Crappy Internet in my Igloo…LOL).


Nancy J said...

Be shocked!! Your blog is here, lovely shots of Emily and Lucas, so glad the camera is dry and working so well. Enjoy Anchorage and fast internet. Cheers, Jean

FlowerLady said...

Nice family shots.

Your veggies and fruit are looking great.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Emily is really pretty. My favorite shot is of her crouching by the flower bed.