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The White House

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Back!!

Well, it's been almost a week since I've been able to blog. Did ya miss me? :)

Last Saturday was a scorcher for the football games. Elijah was a sweaty mess.

He gets more than his share of the trainer's attention. His body doesn't seem to regulate its temperature very good since his head injury. When he over heats he starts to panic/hyperventilate (part of being a tad claustrophobic...same thing happens to me). Whenever he came off the field she put ice on the back of his neck which wasn't too often since he played both offense and defense. Later he was getting ice to his lower back where he took a helmet. 

That's him, #21 on Junior Varsity, making the tackle (that guy had the ball).

At halftime we were up 19-6. He (and a few others) went to the locker room to dress for Varsity. Significant difference without those players. The final score was 19-18, but we managed the win.

For Varsity he was the long snapper and wide receiver.

He made some big plays. The first was when we were down 0-6 and he created a fumble and recovered the ball on the punt return on our 10 yard line. We than ran in for a  touchdown and got the extra point. That got our momentum going to finish the game with a big Win of 35-12. They only threw to Elijah one time, but he caught the pass and ran for a 46-yard touch down with a dramatic dive to just get the ball over the end zone before being tackled. Of course, I was jumping up and down screaming at that point and didn't get a photo. The guy next to me had an awesome shot and was going to email it to me, but never did. :( I hope I remember what he looks like to ask him to again.

Although I am very proud of Elijah I struggled to post his accomplishments. I'm very angry and have been hurt by him. Last night he screamed some pretty awful things at me when he got caught having passengers in his car when he's not supposed to. The older he gets the harder it is to forgive his outbursts and meanness. 

On Sunday we worked around the yard. Olivia found some raspberries. 

The girls cut bouquets of flowers for the table.

Then they all took a front row seat to see if we could catch the mouse that was taunting us. (We have not).
 While we were in the yard a different moose showed up and started eating flowers.

She didn't leave easily.

Stopping every few steps to see if we were gone and she could come back. Apparently, she came back while we were in Anchorage. Homer hit her in the butt with a rock so hopefully that spooked her to eat somewhere else.
Monday Emily had an open house thing at her new Middle School in the morning and the afternoon was spent watering plants and getting ready for our trip. Monday night the friend that was borrowing Elijah's car was up at the house. Not sure why I didn't get a photo of him? Lucas was the center of attention.

Tuesday morning I up was up at 6:00am and tired. Didn't get to sleep the night before until 2:30am. I was  making rose petal jelly and pickled onion scape's. We finally got our act together and hit the road at 7:30am for a 360-mile drive to Anchorage for school clothes. I spotted a sheep far away on a mountain.

 Olivia took photos through the window as I drove.


We stopped at Mt. McKinley. Can you believe our luck? We have seen the mountain twice in two weeks!!

I wanted to do our best to relax and enjoy the trip so we stopped in Wasilla so Nick could skateboard.

 Emily got out her roller blades while the two little ones ran around.

When we got to Anchorage we ate and then I dropped Nick & Emily off to go ride skateboards and roller blade while we went shopping for school clothes. Nick figures they put in about 7 miles around town. That evening we took Olivia and Lucas to a playground before heading to our friends house.

Wednesday was all about H2Oasis which is an indoor water park. We spent 5.5 hours swimming and were exhausted when we left.

We had a really nice time at John & Dorene's. They are such good people!! Their dog had puppies about 9 days before so the kids were in Heaven. Wednesday night Emily went out to the movies with their daughters, Lucas stayed at the house and Nick, Olivia and I did a little shopping and went out to dinner. It was a full trip  that left everyone exhausted. The kids slept most of the way home. (One of the drawbacks to being the adult...I had to drive!).

Lots to do today as there is every day. Nick is packing rocks for me to wash. We are going to try and get a lot on the pond... or at least that's what I want to do. Nick, not so much. Okay...heading outside. Heard Elijah moving about and I'm really not in the mood for an immediate confrontation with him. He's just exhausting to deal with and I'm already exhausted. Hope everyone has had a good week. Trying to catch up on blogs when I can.


Mama Bean said...

Welcome back! Love the new banner pic of your flowers :)

Humble wife said...

Okay wow! You have been busy~but that indoor pool~how amazing!

My oldest played 6 man football and we loved going to the games, but we lived in rural Nevada and some games were 6 hours away.

How funny you have a moose bothering you...we sure do live in very different places. I love reading about your adventures because they are different but I kind of feel you and I are the same(hope I don't offend you with my comparison).

Anyway, I kind of am back to the computer...hope it lasts!

Btw I read online this morning a man in Norway swerved to avoid hitting a moose and ended up hitting a bear...just something to think about in your neck of the world! :)

Lori Skoog said...

Looks to me like you had a great time on your trip!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The water park looked like so much fun. I really like the first picture of nick on his skateboard - great action shot!

Nancy J said...

That's the way to go Nick, and what a great water swimming park. Love the new flowers at the top. A big trip Gayle, well done. Hope the school gear was found. Cheers.,Jean