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The White House

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Game Time!!

Today is the big day.... 6 hours, two games of football. Excited for my son with a stomach in knots. There's nothing safe or easy about football. I'll breathe again when the games are over.

I made our first bowl of homemade salsa the other night. I think my husband would have preferred a little cilantro (mine didn't grow) and a tad more spicy, but I loved it. 

Such a beautiful rich color! I'm going to be making jalapeno jelly tomorrow.

I got a few more beds weeded yesterday and hope to do a few more before I head off to the games. I would like to enjoy the beds at their finest... not over-grown. I have so many chores, but it has been wonderful to spend time enjoying my months of hard work. Didn't get to spent too much time yesterday though. Elijah and I had 5 hours in town getting things together for the games today. The fact that it was hot and sunny made it even harder to do.

I love Asters, but only ever seem to get a few late in the summer. Maybe I need to start them sooner?

Dahlias by the pond.

All the dahlias have really taken off and the beds are bursting with flowers. I'd like to pick some bouquets, but they are also covered in aphids. :( This is the first year I've had that problem. Will spraying with soapy water work? Would love to hear some non-chemical suggestions.

Someday the siding will be on the house. What a different look that will be! I can't wait.... it is one of the things I think about on a daily basis. 

Oh, and the shop will be wonderful to have. Looking at the "junk" in the background really bugs me.
Okay... only a couple hours to work/shower before a long day of sitting in the bleachers. I'd better get running.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your yard is simply stunning!

Patty said...

Your flowers are beautiful as usual! What a treat for your neighbors that get to drive by it everyday. Do they ever thank you?

Janie said...

Wow, your flowers are looking so beautiful! The salsa looks great, too. Hope you had fun at the football game.

Humble wife said...

Wow~~~ I am super impressed! You are an amazing green thumb. Oh I wish we had a bit of green aside from what we water. I think your flower beds are something for me to aspire for!

I am slowing getting some time so will be back to visiting...missed you my friend.