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The White House

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fair Time!

We spent some time at the fair on Buddy Day (pay for one to ride, the other rides free). The fair is far too expensive, but fun for the little ones. For the older kids and us it's kind of the same old thing and not that thrilling. The most fun Nick and I had was playing bingo. (I won $62!!). 

We had an Elvis sighting and Lucas took a picture for his Grandma Claudia who loves Elvis.
 They rode a few rides (would you believe it's $5.70 for one person to ride this cheesy roller coaster around a couple of times? Now you know why we went on Buddy Day).

 Olivia was too big for the little rides and didn't find it very fun. Lucas was still the perfect age to think it was cool.

 Lucas liked his mule and Olivia's pony kept stomping its feet and she didn't like that.

 Ummm...why were these made so tall?

 Look at the size of that rabbit (Lucas looks like he's rabbit hunting).
I even got everyone to go to the quilt show with me. :) We ate some food and that was that. There are lots of booths of neat stuff, but again, it's all just too much money so we didn't bother looking. I guess the fair just doesn't have the same appeal as you get older (unless one is competing in something and we aren't). 

Funny story.... I've been paying for a membership to a gym for 6 months and haven't gone. (Shame on me). Yesterday was the gold medal game for women's soccer and we don't have satellite. Would you believe Nick and I went there and exercised for 90 minutes just to watch the game? I'm a little stiff today!! 

Yesterday the truck blew the power steering hose so I had to drive the old orange truck to town (the starter is going out so sometimes it has to be push started). I had to go to a class for 2.5 hours at the court house on helping children through divorce. It's a total of ten hours and a complete waste of my time. Maybe the information would have been useful 8.5 years ago, but the kids are grown, I helped them through it and my case is settled. Just one more headache brought on by the HEX. Oh, and yesterday a bearing went out on the drive on my lawn mower which about killed me pushing it. It may not be fixable as it stripped the gears. Is my run of bad luck coming back? Let's hope not.

Okay... got to run errands with Elijah. He needs some stuff for his football game tomorrow. The sun is shining and I've been weeding. I'd like to hurry and get back to it. :) 


Nancy J said...

A great day for everyone. I would be glad to keep my feet on the ground, here in NZ things like that cost so much too. Cheers, Jean

Janie said...

The fair looks like lots of fun for the kids. That's always a fun family outing.