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The White House

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Game Day!!

Good morning... it's a beautiful sunshine day and we'll be spending it in the stands watching two more football games. I guess it's best that the boys don't have to play in the rain,  but I wish I had some of that sunshine on a work day. 

Not much in the photo department yesterday. I took this photo for the lady I stay with in Anchorage so she could see how big Millie turned out. Her dog is the same as Millie's mom and the dad's are similar, too, so there's a good chance her puppies will end up this big. 

Picked a few things from the greenhouse, but I have so much more to harvest. I really think tomorrow needs to be a chopping, canning kind of day although, really, I'm obsessed with rocks! 

Olivia and I made jelly yesterday. Four pints of Rose Petal and two pints of Jalapeno. Now that I know I can make jelly out of any roses (I always thought I could only use the wild ones) we will make a few pints every few days until the roses are gone. We plan on starting a whole hedge around the new lawn so I'll be able to make jelly to last years! :)
Well, I have an hour before I have to take him to the game (his car broke down, we had to tow it home and don't know what is wrong.... 3 cars, 3 unknown problems. Wish we could sell them all for one decent car.) I'll drop him off, get some groceries, pick up Nick, run home, try to get in a little work and then off to the games. Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!!


FlowerLady said...

Your produce looks great.

How does the rose petal jelly taste? What kind of roses are you using.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

There must be something in the air - the promise of fall maybe? Anyway, I made hot pepper jelly today too. Yum!

Nancy J said...

Yes Gayle, I did have a fantastic day.Your jellies look super, I didn't know about this wonderful recipe. Cars, great when going smoothly, a real worry when not. Have a great day tomorrow.!! Cheers, Jean.

Humble wife said...

Love your canning projects!!

Busy busy busy sounds wonderful!