The White House

The White House

Sunday, July 1, 2012


My grass trimmer is toast. Some internal spring-thing. Yesterday I started my day off mowing and was really bummed that everything was going to look so shaggy around the beds. When I walked up front this is what I found laying on the steps. My husband had bought me a  new trimmer and brought it home while I will still sleeping. He is such a sweetheart. I was very happy to spend hours getting the front whipped back into shape.


Emily and I did a little decorating for the 4th of July.


With the bad storms going on the Florida the flamingoes arrived to my calm yard as well. It’s been a few  years since they’ve made an appearance.



Lucas immediately thought it was a soccer obstacle course. Then he broke off a Zinnia and I was not pleased. That ended that. It will be nice to have the big lawn in.




So many of the beds were over-grown with weeds. I got about half finished last night.


See the drastic mess they were?


First time the kids have been able to swim in awhile. It’s been so rainy and cold, but we got some nice solar heat yesterday.


I stoop, I sit on buckets, I kneel, I sit on milk crates and sit on the ground. All of it kills my back.


Gnomeo made it into the yard. Juliet need glued back together.


This is a three-generation photo. Homer with his Aunt Polly (who is visiting Alaska from Florida for the summer) and Olivia & Lucas. She is Homer’s dad’s  (who passed a long time ago) sister. She’ll be 79 next week and drove up in a huge motorhome so fish for salmon.


And here’s another shot with her husband Keith, Emily and Sophie. We had a really nice visit until pretty late last night.


Homer’s hauling dirt so I guess it’s time for me to get busy, too.


Nancy J said...

Love the birds,( hard luck Lucas) and the bunting on the fence, How large is a large motorhome in Alaska, and how many days did Polly and Keith drive?Your zinnias are so bright, and the hanging baskets lovely on the tall fence.Homer knows how to pick the right gift, they make such quick work of grass in difficult areas. Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love the flamingo's! Way to go Aunt Polly and Uncle Keith - what an impressive drive. I'd love to do that one time. Did they get any salmon?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh, I forgot - you have the BEST husband!