The White House

The White House

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ya Baby!

I started my day off making Radish Pickles and then Pesto from the Radish Greens (not wanting to waste them). I don’t even like radishes so Homer will have to tell me how they are. :)


See? Told you my onions needed weeded. In fact, the entire yard does. I’m not keeping up so well these days.


My lettuce doubled overnight. We had better starting eating salad…and I should give some away.


Do I let the garlic grow all summer? Do I pick when it falls over? I’ve never grown garlic.


The carrots are coming along nicely. There are a few other beds that are starting to sprout, too. I have really neglected a lot of stuff…I need more hours in my day. Tonight I thinned a couple of beds and weeded a couple others. It takes such time! I also fertilized all of the front flowers. They need a boost with all this rain.


The cool rains made the peas double over night!


The corn is growing, but should be taller. I direct seeded so they were behind plus you’ll notice my hoop still doesn’t have plastic. Mr. White keeps telling me he’s bringing some home….


As much fun as it is to get something to eat out of this all, my true love is flowers.




I love the look of full vegetable beds.


But the projects are endless. I still need to haul the last of the rocks Homer brought home to the pool.


The new beds are starting to grow. These don’t have compost and seem to grow much more slowly. This fall hopefully I’ll have compost to add and they’ll produce faster next year.


You see crappy zucchini (why can’t I grow that stuff?). I see a place that rock should be hauled, but they are too heavy and I don’t have any help.


The toxic chemicals stopped the fungus (I think). Nothing new has spread and I am so thankful. I thought I was going to lose the whole lawn and that would have been so depressing. I need to mow, but it’s almost 1:00am…maybe tomorrow! LOL



Snapdragons…such a feel good flower.



Again, all I see are projects… hardly notice the the 30-some blooming Impatiens… I see more rock that needs hauled. Guess I’ll have to buck up and try moving those monsters.


Here I see a house that needs siding. We have the siding. We’ve had it for 3 or 4 years now. What we don’t have is the time to put it up. What a huge difference it would make in the look of it all.


Three rose bushes we got as wedding gifts. They’ve grown so much we need to put them in separate beds!


The Zinnia are trying to send out second and third blooms. If only it would warm up!


The kids and I put out some flags along the road tonight. I usually put them on the fence, but my yard is so busy no one would notice. They look really cool.



Sunday Homer hauled more dirt for the hole. I swear it will never get full. It’s probably 30 feet from bottom to level in the back. That’s insane!! I just so want it done so the shop can go up so he can work on cars in there with the boys all winter. Guys need to be guys.


Harvesting rhubarb this summer will be fun.


More work. I feel bad every day I’m not out there attempting to move these things. Trying to talk Mr.-I-Don’t-Work-Elijah into helping me.


I started the day cooking and ended it that way as well. Made 5 Quarts of Bread & Butter Pickles. There’s still so much more to harvest….when do I weed??? LOL

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Today Olivia and I had a Mom & Daughter day. Shopping, snacks, shopping, laughs, fun. She looked at me and said, “Mom, this is the best day ever!”. I love to hear that. Made a moose roast tonight that was wonderful. Now it’s really late and I’m really tired. Hope you had a great day, too.


FlowerLady said...

My gosh Gayle ~ I don't see how on earth you do all that you do. There are only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep.

I think all of your garden beds look wonderful, and your home looks nice too. I do know what you mean though about seeing all the work that needs doing or projects that you imagine being done.

Life is an ongoing work in progress. I want to live it with joy and thankfulness, not always easy to do but it's a goal to do so. I've got things to do around here and do what I can in any given day and try not to stress about the rest.

Your canning always amazes me. I never learned how and you don't hear of many doing it down here in the heat and humidity.

What sweet words from Olivia to you.

Have a nice weekend Gayle.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Seriously Gayle How DO you do it all?? The bread and butter pickles look good. The yard is looking really good too. I like the flags by the road.

Nancy J said...

Pickles look so good, garden looks great, and each day has 24 hours,how do you cram everything in?lovely daughter to mother words, this makes any day a whole lot better.Flags, yes they look good and if I Google Earth to your address might see them on that too.Cheers from jean.